Season 17 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Division 5H

Week 5

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This match is affected by one or more wildcards.

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Date Scheduled:
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by MightyMe (UbeR powered by



7 - 2

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2 - 3

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CzechRepublic TEZC | Pornflakes vs Netherlands UbeR powered by
3 - 3

Active Wildcards:

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TEZC | Pornflakes (5) hozi, Mankey, hopham, No_OnE, adysky
UbeR powered by (6) quell, Vlijm, Loch, sno, Emsee, MightyMe
Unrostered (1) Nojba


  1. MightyMe: UbeR | said:

    We can play usually on monday or tuesday or wednesday. We can’t play thursday, friday, saturday and sunday.
    Also we do not have a server this season so I hope you have one or we can use one from or etf2l.
    Add me on steam or post here dates which you can play. Thanks.

    p.s. We have to start before 21.00, so 20:30 or 20:00 preferred because of availabilty of some of our players.

  2. hozi: powerz! said:

    We can play at same time like you, start at 20:00 is good for us

  3. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Wednesday, 26 February 2014, 20:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  4. MightyMe: UbeR | said:

    Can we start at 21.00?
    Have to work on wednesday from 17.00 ~ till 20.30 Max. so starting at 21.00 would be better for us.

  5. Vlijm: UbeR | said:

    would you allow as merc?

  6. MightyMe: UbeR | said:

    Gl czech republic
    Go get em dutchies

  7. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been used for this match by ÜbêR.

    You must reschedule this match before 07/03/2014 and play it before 16/03/2014.

  8. Vlijm: UbeR | said:

    Sorry for late wildcard, team being pussy
    Well keep in touch about the date ok?

  9. MightyMe: UbeR | said:

    Match will be played tomorrow (3rd of march) 21.00 on TECZ server.

  10. Manky said:

    Will you allow us this merc: ? (He will be playing med)

  11. MightyMe: UbeR | said:

    Yes we allow him

  12. MightyMe: UbeR | said:

    well played

  13. quell: UbeR | - GoodE said:

    gg guys

  14. Manky said:

    GG guys.. Good luck in the rest of the season

  15. hozi: powerz! said:

    gg, thanks for allowing merc

  16. Vlijm: UbeR | said:

    gg was fun!

  17. Manky said:


  18. MC: UbeR | said:


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