Metalworks One Night Cup - Lowest Bracket #1

Round 1

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

Finland Six Burgeroids vs European #ducks
3 - 0


  1. Rageila: `(OvO)´ said:

    ivan~ :3: Hello
    Hultteri: hi
    ivan~ :3: I uhm
    ivan~ :3: forgot about the cup
    Hultteri: so you dont have players?
    ivan~ :3: nope :c
    ivan~ :3: I guess you get a default win then
    Hultteri: any chance you could get players?
    ivan~ :3: Not sure
    ivan~ :3: even I cant play D:
    Hultteri: =(
    ivan~ :3: sorry :(
    Hultteri: np
    ivan~ :3: just ask an admin
    ivan~ :3: to give you default win
    ivan~ :3: and send this chat
    ivan~ :3: or something

  2. ione~ said:

    Yeah it’s true, we cant play

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