Highlander Experimental Cup #3: High Bracket


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by TheSucker (RIP in peace Permzilla)



5 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]

European RIP in peace Permzilla vs Poland Max-Play Highlander Team
6 - 0

SourceTV: relay.vanillatv.org:27101

SteamID Screenshots: A


RIP in peace Permzilla (7) AcidReniX, Buttnose, TheSucker, Alx, Hurri, Linus, Fenrir
Max-Play Highlander Team (9) phromelo, Nislem, `ntt, Alpine, Marcos, Steve!, anrzej, Linka, StirlitZ
Unrostered (2) [TANG] Merple, TviQ


  1. Permzilla: (Legend) - WiK? said:

    RIP in peace xx

  2. Linka: MPHT said:

    Peace, respect and good game ;-)

  3. Stabby said:

    Rip GL

  4. [T-A!] Rob: TROLLIED - [T-A!] said:

    guys got a STV ip? Would love to watch this

  5. Aura said:

    rip gl hf

  6. [TANG] Merple: [d¿s] - (Q)< said:

    RIP in peace

  7. anrzej: HFoF said:

    Thanks for a good game!

  8. Linka: MPHT said:

    Thanks for playing today and grats! You can see that you are a well-organized team. wp!

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