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Division 4D

Week 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Mont (The Enigma Zone Crew 2)

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.



4 - 5

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1 - 5

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European nervousENERGY - WHITE vs European The Enigma Zone Crew 2
0 - 6

Active Wildcards:

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The Enigma Zone Crew 2 (6) Chaplain, SmAsH, MEGAMIDDIE, Mont, Jigz, DeusVox
nervousENERGY - WHITE (5) Izzy57, Romjke, 43742340975439057043, RenTas, qmi
Unrostered (1) Regen


  1. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 30 September 2012, 21:15
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  2. DeusVox said:

    Hey IDK guys unfortunately both leaders are away for this weekend and we will be unable to play this date! I propose Wednesday 3rd at 20:30 CEST (19:30 BST) Thanks guys :D

  3. DeusVox said:

    IDK Rentas: hey
    TEZC | DeusVox: TEZC | DeusVox: Hey man im trying to organise our match on ETF2L
    TEZC | DeusVox: dont suppose we could get the ball rolling with that :D
    TEZC | DeusVox: both leaders are a little afk this weekend and we obviously cant play on sunday then
    TEZC | DeusVox: I propose us to play on wednesday at 20:30 cest ?
    TEZC | DeusVox: if thats ok with you guys ?
    IDK Rentas: whaaa
    TEZC | DeusVox: hang on
    IDK Rentas: was tthe defaut
    IDK Rentas: date
    IDK Rentas: set
    IDK Rentas: or smth?
    TEZC | DeusVox: yes
    TEZC | DeusVox: on a day in which we cant play
    TEZC | DeusVox: so i want to propose a ifferent date
    TEZC | DeusVox: this wednesday comi
    IDK Rentas: n0
    IDK Rentas: we have
    IDK Rentas: week
    IDK Rentas: 2
    IDK Rentas: on this wednesday
    TEZC | DeusVox: well can we suggest tuesday ?
    IDK Rentas: meibe
    IDK Rentas: sunday
    IDK Rentas: the one
    IDK Rentas: next week
    IDK Rentas: not this one
    TEZC | DeusVox: hmm..
    TEZC | DeusVox: well we have to decide on a date before the default date
    TEZC | DeusVox: and unfortunately we dont play on sundays
    IDK Rentas: when’s the default datE?
    TEZC | DeusVox: this sunday
    IDK Rentas: we can play
    IDK Rentas: well
    IDK Rentas: thrusday
    IDK Rentas: would be the only
    IDK Rentas: possible
    IDK Rentas: day next week
    IDK Rentas: then
    TEZC | DeusVox: well ill need to ask around
    TEZC | DeusVox: can i talk to you tomorow
    TEZC | DeusVox: so we can work this out
    IDK Rentas: nope
    IDK Rentas: i’m going out of town
    IDK Rentas: tomorrow mornning
    IDK Rentas: so what i suggest is
    IDK Rentas: let’s schedule it for thursday
    IDK Rentas: at least for now
    IDK Rentas: and then i come back
    IDK Rentas: we talk over it srsly
    TEZC | DeusVox: ye i think thats the best plan
    TEZC | DeusVox: thanks for your cooperation
    TEZC | DeusVox: :D

  4. DeusVox said:

    Proprosing Thursday 3rd 20:30 CEST

  5. Not said:

    this gonna be gud

  6. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Extension granted. Please play the match until Saturday, October 13.

  7. DeusVox said:

    Hey man WE are unable to play on the date above, We are however free on Wednesday the 10th at 20:30 CEST I have sent you a propposal hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by The Enigma Zone Crew 2.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 23/10/2012.

  9. DeusVox said:

    We are however free on Wednesday the 10th at 20:30 CEST I have sent you a propposal hope to hear from you soon!

  10. Izzy57 said:

    we can’t today sorry

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