Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Division 3E

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by alba (Panda Society)

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.



6 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]



5 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]

France Boom Gayshot ! vs European Panda Society
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Panda Society (6) jahrein, instag1b, dodgydogman, Flame, durolan, alba
Boom Gayshot ! (5) dmoule, Simpson, Bada, Aephage, Tony
Unrostered (1) baud


  1. vøid said:

    what about playing this awesome match on sunday ( dont know which one but any sunday is fine :p )

  2. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 16 September 2012, 21:15
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  3. Fleymeh said:

    What server will we play this on?

  4. Dennia: FAINT said:

    Alba pls <3<3

  5. durolan: .:ne:. said:

  6. inferius: Dline said:

    Gl pandas!

  7. Mr. G - String: DStS said:

    dodgydogman to get a 6 man and start shouting in the mumble

  8. Aephage said:

    Well, nobody answer me on steam so:

    Our medic won’t be able to play this match, because of his computer, so we’ll need a merc:

    Are you ok guys ?

    (btw: we don’t have server to play on)

  9. Aephage said:

    BabycakeS_Dodgy: yo
    BabycakeS_Dodgy: the medic you want to merc, BAUD, hes fine :)
    BabycakeS_Dodgy: sorry about not replying earlier

  10. Patey said:


  11. alba: BM said:

    connect; password conwar

    cu on 21:15 cest

  12. vøid said:

    the whole team is a div3 scout

  13. Aephage said:

    gg :)

  14. Hatch: BGs\' said:


  15. vøid said:

    don’t forget to post results

  16. alba: BM said:

    i thought you gonna upload since you won..

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