Highlander Nations Cup #1 : Playoffs


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Thy* (Germany)



1 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



0 - 2

[Screenshots: A B ]

Sweden Sweden vs Germany Germany
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A


Germany (9) KLar, basH., Thy*, Cckwzrd, ThUn, Homer J., Bighomer, IPZIE, schocky
Sweden (9) furbo, ZyZo, wolve, ashkan, jukebox, TheSucker, Alx, Zebbosai, s3


  1. TheSucker: [d¿s] - 007 said:

    23:40 – TheSucker: Badwater, Upward, Waste, Gravelpit, Lakeside, Viaduct, Converge
    23:40 – TheSucker: Those are the maps
    23:41 – H2k.Thy: so who´s can eliminate first?
    23:41 – TheSucker: Hmm, let’s see
    23:41 – TheSucker: Damn, Sweden eliminates first
    23:41 – H2k.Thy: FUCK^^
    23:42 – TheSucker: Hehe
    23:42 – TheSucker: We eliminate Badwater
    23:42 – H2k.Thy: Viaduct
    23:42 – TheSucker: Waste
    23:43 – H2k.Thy: Lakeside
    23:43 – TheSucker: We pick Converge
    23:44 – H2k.Thy: We pick Gravelpit
    23:44 – TheSucker: Upward decider then
    23:44 – H2k.Thy: so Converge Gravelpit Decider Upward
    23:44 – TheSucker: Aye

    And we’re looking to play this game next week on either Wednesday or Monday, but it’s not confirmed just yet.

  2. IPZIE: SUAVE said:


  3. Ununoctium said:

    I’m assuming this will be casted?

  4. emb: (Legend) - ciortai said:

    If not, you better record STV!

  5. flix: n2o said:

    for all the germans:

    wenn mose pose das spiel nicht mit seine n2o crew dieses spiel castet werde ich dies einfach auf meinem twitch account für euch streamen :)

    link gibt es dann ca. ne halbe stunde vor spiel begin.
    vielleicht hat ja einer lust mit zu casten

    cya norbert

  6. r_a_k: SP | said:

    Will there be sourceTV?

  7. flix: n2o said:

    Es wird einen deutschen cast geben mit bpf und flix


  8. OMFGS1nedrion said:


  9. Aura said:

    nice drops

  10. ashkan said:

    Very well played and well-deserved! Good luck in the final ;)

  11. IPZIE: SUAVE said:

    sei still

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