Season 12 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Division 2C

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by bìester (vier // red)



2 - 4

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3 - 4

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France PyRo|GEN vs Germany vier // red
0 - 6

SourceTV: ; password pyro
Active Wildcards:

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PyRo|GEN (6) Exon., T-Mac, DeGuN, knuck, Salt, Wendigo
vier // red (6) Sonny Black, bìester, kyliemirogue, wrock, Rising, koko


  1. Sonny Black: (Legend) - SUAVE said:

    We are only playing on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday. The coming Sunday we have our last highlander match. On Tuesday we are playing against (most likely). So Thursday 10th would be possible, but we’d prefer Sunday 13th.

  2. wrock: vier said:

    hey, we have to set the game to another date…we can not play on thursday

  3. Wendigo: |Bds| - PyRo|GEN said:

    two of our player are unavailable next thursday. What about Tuesday 15 at 21h15 ?

  4. wrock: vier said:

    i’ll aks my team about it but it shoudl be fine

  5. T-Mac: DA! said:

    We wont be able to play 21:15, we can at 20:15 or 20:30

  6. wrock: vier said:

    20:30 then

  7. wrock: vier said:

    20:07 – PyRo|GEN Wendigo mixmednow: Hey, news news xD finally we can at 21h15
    20:08 – PyRo|GEN Wendigo mixmednow: so, when you want
    20:08 – PyRo|GEN Wendigo mixmednow: i hate my players

  8. fl1p said:

    RisinG le lapinou go go go !!!

  9. T-Mac: DA! said:

    it wont be played tonight.

  10. knuck: DA! said:

    RisinG and I agreed on postponing the game.

  11. Exon.: o/ said:

    connect ; password pyrog

    STV : connect ; password pyro

  12. Khronus: .Dicknitas said:

    Match of the season in div 2 C. gl both teams.

  13. cruZer: \V/ Gold - und Rasiert said:

    connect; password reiv

  14. rockie said:

    gogo reivvvv!!!!!

  15. Paria: Rob1 said:

    gogo pyro §§

  16. WARHURYEAH: autistic said: CASTING THIS SHIT

  17. knuck: DA! said:


  18. Wendigo: |Bds| - PyRo|GEN said:

    gg wp

  19. T-Mac: DA! said:

    well played all

  20. wrock: vier said:

    gg, well played

  21. cruZer: \V/ Gold - und Rasiert said:


  22. vøid said:

    noob a chier

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