Highlander Season 2

Division 4G

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Smirre (Gibs'R'Us)



3 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Sweden Gibs'R'Us vs International Playstuff
6 - 0


SteamID Screenshots: A


Gibs'R'Us (8) NeoUno, Hank, severus, Watri, Swi, Smirre, Rallie, iZon
Playstuff (9) Seric, Apoc, ThePriest.ps, Clungineer, almightybob, Wondwi, ehdoo, Lemmywinks, The Sero
Unrostered (1) Bulle


  1. almightybob: .ps said:

    Hi there :)

    I’m still finding out from teammates, but at the moment it looks like the best days for us will be Sun 1st April (9 or 10 CET) or Tues 3rd April (9 or 10 CET). Any of those times suit?

    Also we have a server available if needed :)

  2. almightybob: .ps said:

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    almightybob.ps: hi there
    qdv# | Smirre: Hi
    qdv# | Smirre: Leader of a highlander team?
    almightybob.ps: indeed
    almightybob.ps: opponents for etf2l week 2
    qdv# | Smirre: ok
    qdv# | Smirre: i think we can play on sunday, but havent talked to my entire team yet.
    almightybob.ps: k, i will propose sunday then since they will give us random default today if not
    qdv# | Smirre: ok
    qdv# | Smirre: what time?
    almightybob.ps: 9 CEST?
    qdv# | Smirre: or 8
    almightybob.ps: can do 8
    qdv# | Smirre: good
    qdv# | Smirre: Lets say 8 this sunday for now.
    almightybob.ps: ok
    qdv# | Smirre: Do you have a sever?
    almightybob.ps: yeah we do
    qdv# | Smirre: Good
    almightybob.ps: if you wanna pingcheck
    qdv# | Smirre: ok
    almightybob.ps: ok cool, sunday at 8 CEST then :)
    almightybob.ps: let me or one of the other leaders know if you need to change, or stick it on the ETF2
    almightybob.ps: L matchlink page

  3. Smirre: duplo said:

    20:01 – qdv# | Smirre: We might have to use another merc.
    20:02 – almightybob.ps: ok, who?
    20:02 – qdv# | Smirre: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/45597/
    20:03 – qdv# | Smirre: he is medic in my 6v6 team.
    20:04 – almightybob.ps: yeah so i see, seems we are playing quadrivium :P

    Also this guy is merc: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/37639/

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