Note to all PASS Time Cup Participants: All Mercs have to be approved by your opponent. There are NO Default Mercs in the cup. You are allowed 1 Merc per game. Usual Merc rules apply.

There is also a known issue with the whitelist not working after changing the map, please use rcon tftrue_whitelist_id 14555

Season 11

Division 4D

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Cizeer (Third World Country)



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]



6 - 2

[Screenshots: A B ]

Finland FAP! vs Poland Third World Country
6 - 0

SourceTV: bcast05.blank-TV.de:50100

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Third World Country (6) imp, Lawi, Cizeer, MARIANO, Drozdzers, The Panic
FAP! (6) Hurmukka, SHU, zermu, indey, zigi, Warmetal


  1. Szymciu: M` said:

    Stv plz

  2. Leutsi said:

    gl fapedifappers !

  3. BZAD said:

    needs stvs connects plzs

  4. Death said:

    gl ScS

  5. Radzik said:

    STV plz :>

  6. n1ven: exo. - Fight Club said:

    GL FAP!

  7. Keeway: TWC said:

    GL ScS!

  8. 7h3r!pp4: ScS| - 9g1c said:

    GL ScS! ;)

  9. SHU: FAP! said:


  10. Cizeer said:


  11. xiu_xiu: [{ORAL}] said:

    dem div1 scouts in div4

  12. Angel of Gods said:

    matsi ilmeisesti oli helppo :D

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