Season 11

Division 3D

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Ripple (vier // red)



4 - 3 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A ]



4 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

France PyRo|GEN vs Germany vier // red
2 - 4


SteamID Screenshots: A


PyRo|GEN (6) Shadowmaster, Exon., T-Mac, DeGuN, Wendigo, vøid
vier // red (6) bìester, kyliemirogue, fr0w, wrock, Rising, koko


  1. vøid said:

    awesome. vier//red as first opponents

  2. wrock: vier said:


  3. vøid said:

    h4rd pen0r !!

  4. Anakin said:

    gogogo Energetic

  5. cruZer: \V/ Gold - und Rasiert said:


  6. kurt: trick17 - trick17 said:

    Gogo VIER

  7. ouch said:

    gl hf koko rising und so :]

  8. slate: (ETF2L Donator) - AMG said:

    hallo kurt!

  9. sweiny: trick17 said:

    hallo kurt!

  10. Lurius: Bingo said:


    Energetic ftw! Go for the win ;)

    GL & HF guys!

  11. Exon.: o/ said:

    connect ; password engpcw

    STV:: connect

  12. biester said:

    can we play on our server 3 guys got some problems with choke and ping? thanks

  13. biester said:

    connect; password reiv

    stv: connect

  14. vøid said:

    disapointed void is disapointed

  15. Exon.: o/ said:

    gg :)!

  16. T-Mac: DA! said:

    gg, we can bite our fingers , very close game
    seconds won for you ^^

  17. RisinG: yllen said:

    gg , wp guys

    i still can’t give a comment to badlands.

  18. Wendigo: |Bds| - PyRo|GEN said:

    3 secooond !

    And what a fucking game on Snake, 3-0, 4-5.. fucking kritz xD

    You upload the screenshoot please ?

  19. Shadowmaster: B-pin said:


  20. Shadowmaster: B-pin said:

    but gg !
    (Biester <3)

  21. Wendigo: |Bds| - PyRo|GEN said:

    And, if you can send me the demo stv, thx :)

  22. Fleischpanzer: \\V/ » - vier said:

    i guess the stv stuff is here:

  23. Ripple said:

    gg awesome to watch the game overall, eventhough i think this was the worst game red played so far and you would have deserved it ;) gl in the rest of the season

  24. Fleischpanzer: \\V/ » - vier said:

    anyone here who has some screenshots? :P

  25. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - Ascent said:

    ich will beide pov demos von rising

  26. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    That status screenshot is freaking useless. Submit a correct one to get the warnings removed.

  27. Crasp: (Legend) - BACΩN | - бекон said:

    Hi Energetic e-sports and vier // red,

    Could all players please upload POV demos from both maps in the next 72 hours.


  28. wrock: vier said:

    wtf why now everyone??

  29. Wendigo: |Bds| - PyRo|GEN said: snake badlands goldencap

  30. biester said:

  31. fhixks: \V/ Gold said:

    I am unable to find the gc and the snake demo
    I guess I might have deleted it, sorry for that.

  32. vøid said:

    tip for wendigo : demos.rar

  33. koko: LAME said:

    all 3 demos:

  34. RisinG: yllen said:


    should be right :p

  35. cruZer: \V/ Gold - und Rasiert said:


  36. Exon.: o/ said:

  37. Shadowmaster: B-pin said:

    i forgot, sorry !

  38. T-Mac: DA! said:

    sorry no one told me + french LAN where we were not able to upload :

  39. DeGuN said:
    sry french lan :s

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