Season 10!

Division 3d

Week 6

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by grimbar (Turntable Crusaders)



4 - 3 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B ]



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

France To be continued... vs European Turntable Crusaders
2 - 4

SteamID Screenshots: A


Turntable Crusaders (6) Menace, grimbar, Sacrilege, kim, laerin, fallen
To be continued... (5) TRISEAUX, Marquies, T-Mac, Mercure, Break
Unrostered (1) mesta


  1. laerin: -9w- said:

    If you guys can’t do thursday, wednesday is doable but at 21:15 at the absolute earliest.

  2. grimbar said:

    Proposal showed 21:30, marking this for clarification as there is a temporary bug with the team admin panel according to Spike

  3. TRISEAUX: ... said:

    We validate for 21:30 ^^

  4. Tarkus: aHn said:

    go pyro11!!

  5. laerin: -9w- said:

    For tonight: connect; password somadiflippedarecord

    I don’t think it’s up right now so you can’t check your pings yet. It’s a hiperz server in germany.

  6. Darkura: کh. said:

    grimbar: Hey mate, one of our scouts went missing, do you mind rescheduling tonight’s official?
    PyRo|GEN // Darkura -> BF3: yup
    grimbar: That’s unfortunate
    PyRo|GEN // Darkura -> BF3: no problem
    grimbar: ah lol
    PyRo|GEN // Darkura -> BF3: it’s life
    grimbar: yeah :(
    grimbar: Do you favour any particular date? we got our next official next wednesday, so anywhere from tomorrow or sunday/next week is ok with us, 21:15 would be great
    PyRo|GEN // Darkura -> BF3: can i answer you after? because i need to take a look at our schedule
    grimbar: alright, just for the match comment. We agree to reschedule?
    PyRo|GEN // Darkura -> BF3: and ask for the other guys
    PyRo|GEN // Darkura -> BF3: yup, it’s ok to reschedule
    grimbar: alright, thanks mate

  7. grimbar said:

    We agreed to reschedule due to personal issues of a player.

    Big thanks to PyRo|GEN for being understanding

  8. Darkura: کh. said:

    PyRo|GEN // Darkura -> BF3: can you use your wildcard so?
    grimbar: we don’t need a wildcard if we agree
    PyRo|GEN // Darkura -> BF3: if you said that, it’s ok

  9. TRISEAUX: ... said:

    Wath is your possibility to play match ?

  10. grimbar said:

    As I told Darkura: We can do any day next week except for Wednesday, starting from 21:15 league time.

  11. grimbar said:

    Any regular day that is (Mon – Thurs)

  12. TRISEAUX: ... said:

    07 at 21h15 are you okey ?

  13. TRISEAUX: ... said:

    10 at 21h15 its better ^^

  14. T-Mac: DA! said:

    we need to use this merc, do you allow him ?

  15. TRISEAUX: ... said:

  16. grimbar said:

    connect; password somadiflippedarecord

    We allow the merc

  17. mesta: RELAPSE! said:

    MEROUER ! go PyRo :D

  18. T-Mac: DA! said:

    It’s a shame.
    Most unfair team i’ve ever seen, and i saw you did the same for qTp
    Dont try to look for any pretext we were able to find another merc
    The problem was due to a steam update so that’s why we are asking for a snakewater replaying.

  19. grimbar said:

    Latest TF2 patch is 3 days old. Plenty of time to get your stuff in order

  20. TRISEAUX: ... said:

    Not GG, TC fear and no whant to waiting Mercure in snakewater.
    we have problems to connect serv.

  21. T-Mac: DA! said:

    By the way have fun in d2 lol.

  22. Menace said:


  23. T-Mac: DA! said:

    Honestly you got 18 points because of your unfair are u still able to sleep

  24. Marquies: --\" said:

    I’m a bit dissapointed in the mentality of our adversairies not allowing a merc when our scout had severe problems with connecting to the server, we had a merc at our disposal if necessary. This lead to playing snakewater with 5 vs 6, what lead to a defeat of 5-0, even worse is the opportunity they seased to get points out of this, never have i seen this amount of unsportmanship in esport (not counting cs ^^).

    I’m certain not all of your team are hotheaded, so wp to the saneminded. Just keep in mind that even you can have problems in a match and need the welwillingness of the other team, i hope they return you the favor like you did to us.

    I’m not certain if it’s possible but we would like to replay the match on snakewater, and if you win then gg, but you’re very far from it.

    PS: i’m not mad, just sad … for you

  25. daiL said:

    I lol’ed.

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