Season 9

Division 5b

Week 6

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by cl3ver (six angry men)



6 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]



4 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Poland six angry men vs Sweden SuperStina
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


SuperStina (4) DwarF, Kantanen, znarkeluff, MrBerta
six angry men (3) Kamikaze667, Dijkstra, Valandis


  1. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 08 May 2011, 20:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  2. cl3ver said:

    Hai guys, due to our opponents form week 5 have dropped we can play this match at DD. I add one of your leaders to frieds soo if u can answer here on my steam it will be great :].

  3. cl3ver said:

    connect; password jajo
    It’s nicey in german, test pings if sth will be wrong just say we gonna think about change server :]

  4. BuXXi: .PoH - Carl said:

    yeah, that server works fine for us.

  5. cl3ver said:

    that’s great than cu 20:30 and gl hf !

  6. cl3ver said:

    gg, gl in next matches

  7. Yamma: Carl said:

    gg, keep the sneaking up!

  8. Mors Immortalis: KoP!? said:

    sneaky Mors is sneaky

  9. Mors Immortalis: KoP!? said:


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