Highlander Challenge Cup Stage

Round 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Chicago Bread [^] (SUPER SAIYAN SWAGGER)



5 - 0

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7 - 1

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UnitedStates SUPER SAIYAN SWAGGER vs Canada Boolet Goes Where?!
6 - 0

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SUPER SAIYAN SWAGGER (9) scragbite, Gypsy Davey, Chicago Bread [^], foster, Lambert, Grant, neobracer, toilethumor, Slava
Boolet Goes Where?! (8) Pancake Buffalo, JimroidZeus, Meat, Veto, [BGW?!] Isarl, Selka, Cashman, Nellie Bluth


  1. Oscar Bluth: [BGW?!] said:

    Sent an email today suggesting the following times:

    Saturday 11 December, 3pm EST or earlier
    Sunday 12 December, 3pm EST or earlier
    Wednesday 15 December, 9pm EST or later

    The following weekend of 17/18/19 December is likely to be problematic for our team.

  2. Oscar Bluth: [BGW?!] said:

    As more of my teammates tell me their availability (9 in total now), our preferred times are becoming clearer:

    1 – Sunday 12 December, start before 3pm EST (9 OKs)
    2 – Sunday 12 December, start after 3pm and before 9pm EST (8 OKs)
    3 – Saturday 11 December, start before 3pm EST (7 OKs)
    4 – Wednesday 15 December, start after 9pm EST (7 OKs)

    Thanks for reading, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you and playing!

  3. Oscar Bluth: [BGW?!] said:

    Proposed time is 8pm CET = 2pm EST. I know we’re all probably used to the conversion by now but I like to add a comment for clarity’s sake.

  4. Oscar Bluth: [BGW?!] said:

    I chatted with Gypsy Davey on Wednesday night and he said that Sunday evening would work better than Sunday afternoon for S^3. I said I wouldn’t take that as a confirmed thing from their side right away (realizing he’d have to check with the team), and he said good.

    Anyway if you’ll be able to field a team at that time, then propose away and we’ll probably accept it. I’ll try and be on Steam tonight to chat if need be.

  5. Oscar Bluth: [BGW?!] said:

    This is just a record that the agreed time is 6pm EST, 3pm PST, and everything in between :D

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