Highlander Challenge Cup Stage

Round 3

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by cpyr (Couch Athletics)



0 - 1

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0 - 1

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UnitedStates BbRs and HsE Love Child vs UnitedStates Couch Athletics
0 - 6

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BbRs and HsE Love Child (8) Arthus, kungfu, aldergator, Scrambles, arcturus, Shirukii, DJ bang, HsEDr.Rockzo
Couch Athletics (9) timmyfred, cpyr, No-eye-deer, Runic, RyanNinja, Boss1001, [FOOD] Cpt. Torte de, Hymn, Simcaster


  • Map 2 (pl_goldrush): First Person [Pruned] by cpyr (246 Downloads)


  1. embryo: LAN said:

    So we can schedule around travel days, what times work best for you guys?

  2. aldergator: LAN said:

    Also, do you guys have a server? Or are we using ours?

  3. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    This match should already have been played. Please submit the results.

  4. embryo: LAN said:

    Couch Athletics was working on an extension until after the holidays, otherwise they said they wouldn’t be able to play. We had server troubles and had to postpone the match, but no time in the last week was good for them.

  5. cpyr: [CA] said:

    From what the admins have told me, we have an extension until the 3rd of January, does that evening at 9:00 est work for your team?

  6. embryo: LAN said:

    9 EST will work. As I said before, because of this very long extension and my team’s frustration they’ve expressed to me about the date, we would very much like a full rematch. I mean, our entire team assumed we would have a clean sheet with an extension beyond the holidays but I don’t know what you all were thinking.

  7. embryo: LAN said:

    Also if you guys have a working server it would be awesome since we honestly don’t know how to set ours up properly without the server owner (who inconveniently hasn’t been online for weeks now).

  8. embryo: LAN said:

    Actually technically we’d just play the whole match over again since that topic was never discussed at the time. Triple post, I know. :|

  9. cpyr: [CA] said:

    I don’t see why we should replay the half that actually worked?

  10. embryo: LAN said:

    Neither half worked correctly. And we didn’t agree on keeping the half after the break and this extension. It was never even discussed until recently, because my team just assumed that due to such a long extension, it would be a rematch (because that’s normally how it works). I would have assumed the same even if we were ahead/had won the first map.

    The config broke for both maps, and we were more than happy to play through it on steel, but you were very quick to dismiss our time on goldrush and demand a redo. Can we please be reasonable and work together on this? I’ve talked to my team and they feel like you are trying to take advantage of us (you saw how they were acting in the server). I’m trying very hard to work with them and with you to make this smooth and fun.

    I’m sorry I can’t be on steam to have this conversation, but it’s the holidays and I’m visiting family (as I’m sure we all are). Merry Christmas, fellas. Hopefully this can get ironed out without too much trouble. :)

  11. cpyr: [CA] said:

    We verified the first half of our match immediately after playing it and both sides agreed that our team had won it. Had that been the case for round two I would have stood by that decision as well. We did not agree on the “outcome” of the first round of the second half and everything else is unrelated.

    If you would like to dispute the outcome of the first half be my guest. I have been running around like crazy to make this work and now that we actually have a shot at repeating the second half after the holidays I am not about to chase down admins during theirs.

    I think we can agree that the less time our teams have to spend together the better off we all are. I can’t remember ever playing an organized tournament where a person/team thought it was acceptable to represent them-self by calling rules f**otry and sport names like “I <3 the holocaust".

  12. DJ bang said:

    I would like to say my name was <3 The Holocaust and not I <3 The Holocaust.

    The rule states:

    "2.6 Abusive chat, nicknames and avatars aren’t welcome

    Try not to use the chat function during a match to comment on anything unless it’s in a positive manner. Chat abuse will be punished. Racist names and avatars will not be tolerated."

    I personally do not remember saying the rules were faggotry, if you could perhaps show me the context of which it was said I could better explain why it was said.

    As for my name, it is just that, a name. If it was taken offensively I apologize, but no one asked me to change my name the entire course of the game.

  13. aldergator: LAN said:

    We’re not disputing the actual outcome. Technically, as far as you guys told us, since I personally didn’t view the demo, you guys won. But we also didn’t even finish the match. If we’re going to go through the trouble of extending the match past the holidays, because your team was unable to make it during the allotted time, I would assume you would let us start with a clean slate. Because the entire match was wonky. If I personally, had known this was going to happen, I would have post-poned the match entirely because of the broken configs, but I didn’t want to have to reschedule because of it. You guys are claiming you didn’t want to do best to five, because your team would have played entirely differently had you known. Same with our team. We would have played entirely differently had WE known. Now that we have the chance to have a clean match, with all our configs working, don’t you think it’d be fair for both teams to play a clean match?

    People do make mistakes. We’re not perfect. While I don’t think using words like that is okay, I think everyone there, including myself, were overly frustrated with the whole thing. So I apologize for me, and anyone else on my team that was out of turn.

    I hope we can come to some conclusion, because we’d all like to start with a clean match, what with the configs being broken, and your team having to extend it.

  14. aldergator: LAN said:

    P.S. <3 was our tag. not his general name.

  15. embryo: LAN said:

    I will dispute the first half when I return from break.

    Also, if you’re talking about “unrelated” things like chastising a whole team’s character based on one individual’s name (which your team never even said anything about until the match was over), how about the sheer ridiculousness of completely taking advantage of my leniency and patience trying to make this as easy as possible for your team, even when sometimes it was harder for us or not what my team wanted. But it seems some of you have gone out of your way to not budge an inch to try and make this fun or smooth. I have organized a lot of matches and you guys might just take the cake for being the most unreasonable team I’ve ever played.

    Now please don’t base a whole team on one person, and then neither will I. :)

  16. cpyr: [CA] said:

    I would empathize with you if you had been the one organizing the match for your team from the beginning. I added all three of your team’s leaders within 24 hours of the match notification and attempted to set up the entire match through Aldergator aka “Banana Security” as she was the only person to respond to me directly.

    I was quite clear that our server would have issues and was set up as a tf2 beta server at that time. I can’t understand why you believed we would be playing on it especially after I requested your server’s information and verified all my players had reasonable latency as well as asking if you were comfortable with your setup.

    I worked with aldergator over several days to ensure we were playing at a time that was convenient based on her explanations of your team’s (and her personal) schedule.

    I did my best to be patient and polite when things hit the fan. I specifically asked if you wished to proceed with a non-functioning stopwatch on an otherwise operational 5 cp config and even further reviewed the recorded demos before proceeding to ensure you agreed with the result of the half.

    If you find me difficult to deal with then perhaps it is because you have stepped in as organizational damage control on your team’s behalf and have not experienced first-hand the entire process. I would like for things to go smoothly between us, however, I refuse to throw away the effort made thus far by myself and my team. The demos speak for themselves and we have run out of time. We are all set to play at 9:00PM est on January the 3rd. You will continue to receive the same level of respect and patience from our team in-game that we have shown to all our opponents. Let’s have a good game and finally resolve this half.

  17. ashkan said:

    The matter has already been discussed, Steel will not be replayed.

  18. aldergator: LAN said:

    You will continue to receive the same level of respect and patience from our team in-game that we have shown to all our opponents.

    I can WAIT for this. you guys are THE BEST.

  19. embryo: LAN said:

    Not sure what Aldergator means by that.

    Anyway, my frustration stemmed mostly from the fact that we agreed to the broken stopwatch config, yet your team refused for the same config error in the second half. Obviously you’re allowed to refuse this, but to me it seemed a complete lack of respect; a sort of slap to the face. Coupled with the long wait and some lack of communication it added up.

    I haven’t found you personally difficult to deal with, no. However, playing your team certainly felt cold and unfriendly.

    Regardless, these things are behind me. I’m hoping we can just finish this match in a less tense environment. I hope you can understand where my frustration came from. Nothing personal at all. :)

  20. embryo: LAN said:

    For the record, the length of this comment section is comical. I blame myself.

  21. embryo: LAN said:

    Ashkan if you need to discuss anything with me I’ll be available in a few days. I apologize if any of the other leaders were difficult in my absence.

  22. cpyr: [CA] said:

    Do not worry about Aldergator’s comments, I have no intention of letting them undermine your work.

    The following point is moot now so I am only mentioning this scenario to shed some light on why we are on different pages.
    Imagine if the same error had occurred on steel that had occurred on goldrush. Our team caps B causing the round to end while you are setting up defence for caps C and/or E. I wouldn’t expect you to accept that outcome and although I understand goldrush is a different map it still changes the results greatly for the defense to not know at which cap point the map will end. Especially so if the cap is not at the end of a particular phase (as in our match).

    I realize the frustration of the event was stressful for everyone but I believe if you review the demos you will find that nobody except our leaders were talking throughout the match. I made it clear to my team that all contact was only for the purpose of confirming how you would like to proceed or to offer advice on properly setting up the config. I will continue to follow this guideline and hopefully prevent either team from feeling as if salt has been rubbed the wounds when this is resolved.

  23. aldergator: LAN said:

    undermine his work? according to the league admin he’s unreasonable.

  24. ashkan said:

    According to me, none of your leaders are reasonable, or this wouldn’t even be discussed. Stop trash talking, start practicing.

  25. embryo: LAN said:

    Alder please stop. I have let my frustration get the better of me in the past week. Probably just because it’s the holidays and I didn’t want to deal with any of this (none of us did).

    Ashkan I apologize again. However, hopefully you don’t deem me unreasonable due to some frustration over this.

    Enjoy the remainder of the holidays, fellas. To the rest of my team: please stop leaving comments here.

  26. aldergator: LAN said:

    erm, im gonna leave comments here if it’s necessary, sorry bro.

    I just wanted to throw this reminder out there, because when it was said somewhere in one of our novels, i’m afraid it got passed by.

    we need to use a different server than ours, because our main admin has been MIA for like two months. so i don’t even think it’s been updated since our last match. and won’t be.

  27. cpyr: [CA] said:

    We have done our best to set up our server properly, be warned that we have had crashes with it in previous matches.

  28. embryo: LAN said:

    GG and GL in your upcoming match, guys!

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