Highlander Challenge Cup Stage

Round 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Tobyy (Pixie Lott is SLAMMING!)



5 - 0

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1 - 0

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England Pixie Lott is SLAMMING! vs European Lethal-Zone.eu Community Highlander Team
6 - 0

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Lethal-Zone.eu Community Highlander Team (7) 300 Angry Kittens, Neeko, antou, Jer9-Carver, UnDutchable, Killvion, Pablosky
Pixie Lott is SLAMMING! (8) Vazzan, .strupp, Jabba, Tobyy, Applz, Foster, JakescRzyy., Ghent
Unrostered (3) Q-Ball, Hurri, Toxic_Trojan


  1. Jabba: TF2wF - Pixie <3 said:

    so when is a good time you for you guys? ( we cant play weekends and thurs )

  2. Tobyy: TEZC - Pixie <3 said:

    Weds 15th @ 21.30 cet is the best time for us.
    Might be casted too

  3. Killvion NL: .lp - [rub!X] said:

    We would like to play on a Sunday @ 20.00.

    Preferably not this week, but next.

  4. Jabba: TF2wF - Pixie <3 said:

    can we make in the week next week as most of our players have to go home from uni that weekend

  5. Killvion NL: .lp - [rub!X] said:

    Name a date.

  6. Jabba: TF2wF - Pixie <3 said:

    Weds 15th @ 21.30 cet is the best time for us.

    OR tues 14th @ 21.30 cet is the best time for us.

  7. Jabba: TF2wF - Pixie <3 said:

    or mon 13th 21.30 cet is the best time for us.

  8. 300 Angry Kittens said:

    Friday the 17th at 20:00 CET is our most feasible date to play during the week.

  9. Zippy: |LZ.war| said:

    Very odd that you’re only available during the week. Most people have free time on a weekend :)

  10. .strupp: TF2wF - Pixie <3 said:

    maybe because we are having normal human intercourses at weekends. The odd thing is to play games at friday instead of going out

  11. 300 Angry Kittens said:

    Its just that everyone one of our matches have been played at the weekend so far, im guessing thats a no to Friday

  12. Ghent: Team said:

    Calm down strupp.

  13. Zippy: |LZ.war| said:

    Lol @ Strupp. What a typical insult. Most of OUR team has real things to do during the week; university, looking for work, working, school/college, family events, GF’s etc.

    Also, if you think playing games on a Friday is odd then I feel sorry for you. You can socialise in RL and through gaming equally. E.G. I’m off to my GF’s 18th party tonight, which if you’d surmised, is on a Saturday.

  14. Killvion NL: .lp - [rub!X] said:

    Guys guys… What the heck is this about?!

    Leave harmful thoughts for the match, and kill each other there, instead of getting it here.

    No matter which day we play, 21.30 is much too late for us. We have to start @ 20.30 MAX preferably 30 mins earlier.

  15. .strupp: TF2wF - Pixie <3 said:

    RAGE !!!!!! :D

  16. 300 Angry Kittens said:

    This is being really constructive as to actually arranging the match

    Again i am going to suggest the 17th/18th/19 @20:00/20:30 CET

    What say you?

  17. 300 Angry Kittens said:

    The 18th/19th is best for us i might add

  18. Jabba: TF2wF - Pixie <3 said:

    19th will have to do : 20:30cet

  19. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 19 December 2010, 20:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  20. Tobyy: TEZC - Pixie <3 said:

    We may need up to 9 mercs for this match

  21. Jabba: TF2wF - Pixie <3 said:

    Hi guys some thing has come up and we cant play on sunday i have spoken to the etf2l admins and we have till the 24th to play the match

    really sorry about this

    any chance we can play on the mon 20th or tue 21st ?

  22. Killvion NL: .lp - [rub!X] said:

    We can’t play either mon or tue. First next possibility for us is Friday.

  23. Tobyy: TEZC - Pixie <3 said:

    Sigh, we shall try and get 9 players on Sunday, why the hell we should play on the day totally inappropriate for us as opposed for a day inappropriate for you I don’t know. It’s pretty clear you’re hunting for a default/game against a weaker form of our team seeing how mad you got over us even being in the competition but w/e. We WILL need mercs for the game on Sunday if we play, unfortunately with people moving back from uni/being busy it might be hard :)):P))

  24. fainT(a) said:


  25. Killvion NL: .lp - [rub!X] said:

    Well, you should play then because the admins set THAT date as a default date. So the game has to be played THAT day, unless both teams can come to an agreement after all. For both Monday as Tuesday, I’d need 5 mercs. That’s just not possible.
    I’m not hunting for a default at all, we just like to stick to the rules.

    We’ll allow any mercs who were in div6 during S8.

  26. fainT(a) said:

    “We’ll allow any mercs who were in div6 during S8.”
    Wow that’s nice of limiting us PAST the rules and inventing your own.

    Exhibit A:
    Rule 2.1.7:
    In every match a team will be allowed to use 2 merc’s
    (players that are not registered on the teams roster)
    if they can not field a full team. However, it is only
    allowed to use merc’s that measure up to rule 2.1.1
    (not having played division 5 or higher).

    Exhibit B:
    Rule 2.1.1:
    Players that have been in the roster of a team in division
    5 or higher in season 5, 6 or 7 (or the equivalent in any
    other league), are not allowed to participate, other than as a buddy.

    = We will be allowed to use 2 merc’s (not having played division 5 or higher in season 5, 6 or 7).
    Don’t try and claim your sticking to the rules and then say something like that…

  27. Ghent: Team said:


  28. Killvion NL: .lp - [rub!X] said:

    I meant besides the 2 that the rules grant you mate. Don’t get too jumpy, was just being polite.

  29. Ghent: Team said:


  30. Q-Ball: ƒusg said:

    good game

  31. 300 Angry Kittens said:


    Its amusing how you complained about it being this Sunday, then we used more Mercs than you :D

    GL in the rest of the tournament

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