Highlander Challenge Cup Stage

Round 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by CrzyAzn (Bed Intruders)



4 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]



4 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

UnitedStates Bed Intruders vs UnitedStates Brotherhood of Slaughter
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Bed Intruders (8) aksumka, Xtremesniper, ooBah, Disengage, silentwalker, NomD, Book of Mormon, CrzyAzn
Brotherhood of Slaughter (9) WinnieTheShit, sniprpenguin, Edgar7, Tophu, Leviathan248, Alex, SoopaDemon, Kai de Killer, proper talent
Unregistered (1) Farfred


  • Map 2 (cp_steel): First Person [Pruned] by CrzyAzn (155 Downloads)
  • Map 1 (pl_badwater): First Person [Pruned] by CrzyAzn (165 Downloads)
  • Map 2 (cp_steel): First Person [Pruned] by Xtremesniper (121 Downloads)


  1. sniprpenguin said:

    Hey there.

    Our team prefers playing on either afternoons on Sat/Sun, evening Saturday, or certain weekday evenings, depending on which day.

    That’s really vague, so I’ll let you guys post what day you’d prefer. :P

    Also, we do have a server in LA that we can use. It’s even got SourceTV on it!

  2. sniprpenguin said:


    Sorry, this Saturday doesn’t work for us. Half my team will be out of town due to Thanksgivings and/or wakes.

    Any other times that work for you guys?

  3. sniprpenguin said:

    How about next Saturday, Dec 4th? Or maybe earlier than that? Let me doublecheck, but if nothing else, next Saturday will do.

  4. sniprpenguin said:

    The teams have agreed to Saturday, December 4th at 7PM Eastern Standard. The chatlog is available here:


    We’ve received word that this team likes to default on purpose, so the time should be set to the above in any case.

  5. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 05 December 2010, 01:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  6. sniprpenguin said:

    We’ve agreed to use BHS’ server unless they can change their server over from their mod. Pics to come.

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