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Division 4d

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by madu (foldbitten)



5 - 0

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4 - 2

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Finland foldbitten vs Germany Talents are Rare
6 - 0

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foldbitten (5) madu, rarecandy, happy little boozer, Snipate, sieppox
Talents are Rare (5) FlasH, S34N, sHLa !, WLL, nixnuz
Unrostered (1) IronHawk
Unregistered (1) nuBreed | R1sinG! aka Kart¸ffe


  1. R1sinG!: ez said:

    hey guys prefer days from mo-we 21:00 ;D sunday 21:00 is MAYBE possible too.

  2. madu: sisu said:

    Wednesday 21 CET would be nice, ok for u?

  3. R1sinG!: ez said:

    We got it ^^

    nuBreed | R1sinG! back 16:00: heyho :3
    fBn´ madu: hello
    nuBreed | R1sinG! back 16:00: you asked wednesday 21 o clock right :) ?
    fBn´ madu: yes!
    nuBreed | R1sinG! :3 hat den Namen zu nuBreed | R1sinG! geändert.
    nuBreed | R1sinG!: its fine for us :)
    fBn´ madu: very nice day and time :D
    nuBreed | R1sinG!: ^^
    fBn´ madu: ok
    nuBreed | R1sinG!: you got make me a request in etf2l alrdy?^^
    fBn´ madu: i can do that
    nuBreed | R1sinG!: do it :P
    nuBreed | R1sinG!: then i accept nice ;D

  4. WiLL said:

    add me for serverdetails :)

  5. R1sinG!: ez said:

    lol,will alles schon geklärt -.- xD

  6. WiLL said:

    who are you. i dont know

  7. madu: sisu said:

    ur mom

  8. FREEZER: CGAY&BB said:

    gogo nuBreed!!

  9. sieppox said:

    We might need a merc, do u allow this one; ?

  10. WiLL said:

    Ask risiing please, but i think its np

  11. R1sinG!: ez said:

    ehm.. i’ve already talked to madu so np :)

  12. rarecandy said:

    gg guys, good luck in your next matches!

  13. Snipate: HHH said:

    Well played guys!

  14. WiLL said:

    WP Guys, gl in your next matches :)

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