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Division 2b

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by octochris (brocode)



4 - 2

[Screenshots: A B ]



0 - 2

[Screenshots: A B ]

European Team Vertex - RIP Youngblood vs UnitedStates brocode
3 - 3

Active Wildcards:

SteamID Screenshots: A B


brocode (5) SfynX, octochris, macman, evokje, kuma
Team Vertex - RIP Youngblood (6) ThePledge, wer, MajorPimpsa, Buffalo Bill, dusty, d2m
Unrostered (1) WalKeR


  1. Chris: (0v0) said:

    Accepted, see you there! :)

  2. kuma said:

    11:06 – kuma: do you guys mind if we use huhy as a merc on our official?
    11:06 – kuma: monday
    11:06 – kuma: hes trialling for us
    11:07 – Pledge: as soldier, right?
    11:07 – kuma: ye
    11:07 – Pledge: thats np
    11:07 – kuma: cheers :>

  3. The Pledge said:

    12:06 PM – kuma: do you guys mind if we use huhy as a merc on our official?
    12:06 PM – kuma: monday
    12:06 PM – kuma: hes trialling for us
    12:06 PM – Pledge: as soldier, right?
    12:06 PM – kuma: ye
    12:07 PM – Pledge: thats np

  4. Chris: (0v0) said:

    our last of the season… looking forward to this :)

  5. r7an: -9w- said:


  6. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by X-Rated.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 27/12/2010.

  7. kuma said:

    sorry boys blame sfynx

  8. Chris: (0v0) said:

    and me vomiting my ass off, must have been at having to talk to ryan last night

  9. Alfa: Epsilon said:

    who is ryan

  10. Chris: (0v0) said:

    origami master, a master of folding

  11. kuma said:

    are we still playing on sunday, as I saw dm2 posted about wanting to play on Monday?

    also, we haven’t found our 2nd solly yet, so may we please use our trialist? > Walker

  12. Chris: (0v0) said:

    Unless we hear otherwise, I’ll assume we’re playing Sunday.

  13. The Pledge said:

    We’re not playing on sunday. Please us the Challenge button, because I don’t actually check match pages every 2 seconds. I’ll try to speak to either Chris or Kuma later today on Steam, we will play later this week (as me+d2m are casting the EMS final tonight)

  14. Chris: (0v0) said:

    We can’t do Monday or Wednesday.

  15. kuma said:

    Tuesday might be a bit iffy for me as well, how is Thur?

  16. The Pledge said:

    I proposed Tuesday at 21.15 CET. We are available from tonight till Wednesday, but I’m not 100% sure about Thursday yet. I’ll check it with my players and then I’ll contact you again :)


  17. The Pledge said:

    Thursday is not gonna work for us. Either tonight or tomorrow with two mercs for you guys, that’s our best option. Let me know,


  18. The Pledge said:

    3:11 PM – Chris:

    3:17 PM – Pledge:
    mercs are np, will post it on the matchpage

    Guess we already have an excuse if we lose this match! Cya tonight :)

  19. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    gg :]

  20. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Gg, freight was fun :D

  21. The Pledge said:

    gg, now if only you uploaded the results properly :D

  22. Chris: (0v0) said:

    lol whoops

  23. evokje: WiK? said:

    gg girls :)

  24. Chris: (0v0) said:

    change ze scores on the doors, bill!

  25. Chris: (0v0) said:

    we’re shit at freight, it’s true

  26. Dusty: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    gg, was a good game to end the season with

  27. wer: said:

    gg, shame about the fps

  28. SfynX: T2P said:

    good time to have an official when i couldnt comm and felt like shit due to illness :D but never the less a gg.
    <3 Vertex

  29. kuma said:

    gg brb dropping frames

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