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Highlander Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by sniprpenguin (Brotherhood of Slaughter)



4 - 0

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5 - 0

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UnitedStates Brotherhood of Slaughter vs UnitedStates Addiction to Gaming
2 - 0

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  1. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    We’d love to play again. Maybe not these maps or at this time, errrrr. We need to play though. Anyway we could do Granery instead of Badlands? Badlands isn’t one of the 1st round maps.

  2. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Forget these euro times… let’s just agree to use EST(New York) as our time zone. Anytime during the week starting between 7:45 – 9. That’s just during the week. Weekends are WIDE open:)

  3. sniprpenguin said:

    Sure on Granary. I really am hating that they keep changing maps on us. Dbowl wasn’t supposed to be in until the finals, and Badlands wasn’t even supposed to be in originally. >:L

    Your server, alright?

    Also, how bout Saturday or Sunday?

  4. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Either day would be good. Sunday evenings are no good. Sunday afternoon has been good for our team. That’ll prolly be the best day.

  5. sniprpenguin said:

    Sunday at 3PM Eastern?

  6. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    How about 5PM Eastern? That’d be great for us.

  7. sniprpenguin said:

    I’ll accept the proposal, but I do want to warn that our team might be late with a few people. 6PM Eastern would be a lot better for us, but I’ve seen how bad scheduling could be for teams.

  8. pretendica: [ATG] said:


  9. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    I was messing with the xhtml… when you say late, how late we talking here. Should we just agree that 5:30PM EST would be better?

  10. sniprpenguin said:

    That works great. Sorry, dealing with me must be hard. :P

  11. sniprpenguin said:

    Oh, like half-hour late. Nothing bad.

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