Highlander Challenge Group Stage

Group 181

Week 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Newman (Addiction to Gaming)



5 - 0

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4 - 0

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UnitedStates Addiction to Gaming vs UnitedStates Melons of Mass Destruction
6 - 0

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Melons of Mass Destruction (7) fernferret, Conrad500, Genocidal, Alennia, MightyThor, psychonic, Tock The Always
Addiction to Gaming (8) Newman, AndyADD, pretendica, Magus, Havox, madmattd, t1ns, SteakHouse
Unregistered (2) M]M[D ¸ ¸Susa, M]M[D ¸ ¸doctor-dendrite


  1. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Hi Guys. How soon would you like to play? What days during the week are good for you?

  2. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Whoops. I suppose I should let you guys play week two before you schedule week 3.

  3. fernferret: M]M[D said:

    Nope, it’s all good, I already have a date in mind: next Saturday at 9pm EST if that works for you. If not, let’s talk!

  4. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Saturday is no good, can we do it Sunday late afternoon?

  5. fernferret: M]M[D said:

    Talking with team, I’ll get back to ya

  6. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    I have proposed a time of 4 PM EST(New York). Let’s try and get a time close to that.

  7. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Another day passes, still no response.

  8. pretendica: [ATG] said:


  9. Genocidal: M]M[D said:

    Working out details with our team. We have east and west coast players and would prefer a later time, around 8 or 9pm eastern.

  10. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    We might be able to play Saturday night after all. Is that still good for you guys?

  11. Genocidal: M]M[D said:

    At this point, Sunday evening works a lot better for us.

  12. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    You guys want to play on our server? password:atg123

  13. Genocidal: M]M[D said:

    One of our west coast players tested and was getting 120-150 ping in the server browser, we would prefer to use our server located in Texas if that’s alright. password:wmd

  14. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    That seems like an exaggeration. Is he on the west coast of Australia?

  15. Genocidal: M]M[D said:

    She’s in southern California and I’m going off what I was told. Is this really an issue? Texas is central and I see you’re US-based as well so everyone should get good pings there. Where is your server located?

  16. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    In Chicago. It’s not an issue if we don’t have bad pings on your server.

  17. madmattd: [ATG] said:

    I’ve noticed the server browser pings are often way off. I get like 100 in browser to it, but only mid-50s in the server. Try connecting and see? Yours seems to be down atm, so I can’t check yours.

  18. Genocidal: M]M[D said:

    My logs show the server has been up since it was restarted at 4:30 eastern this morning so that must be when you checked it. We’ll have a west coaster hop on your server and check ping as soon as I catch one online.

  19. madmattd: [ATG] said:

    Actually, it was at like 11 or 12 EST. Might have been an issue on my end. I got in now. Not great, but not awful, I’m at about 70-80 ping. We have a guy in New Brunswick, CA though, his ping will probably be awful, it’s bad enough to ours, lol. We shall see.

  20. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    That CA stands for Canada, btw.

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