Highlander Challenge Group Stage

Group 154

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by sniprpenguin (Brotherhood of Slaughter)



1 - 0

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1 - 0

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UnitedStates Brotherhood of Slaughter vs UnitedStates Hamburger Time
6 - 0

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Brotherhood of Slaughter (9) WinnieTheShit, sniprpenguin, Edgar7, Tophu, Leviathan248, Alex, SoopaDemon, Kai de Killer, proper talent
Hamburger Time (9) my charming uncle ho, tfn, Silver Streak, Captain_Murasa, My NaMe Is YuKaRi, BillNukem, Zoot Suit Mahoney, LBGYN, vivi3000


  1. sniprpenguin said:

    Hey there. I’ve been trying to reach you guys, but it hasn’t seem to work so far…

    Anyways, our team would prefer to do this either Friday night at 10PM Eastern, early Saturday afternoon, or anytime Sunday. Of course, I do mean the week of this fixture (Next week), not this week. The only time we could do it this week, if you’d prefer, is Sunday.

    Just let us know what times work for you guys or if you’re still in this or not! I did send off a friend request to Murasa, who’s left it sitting there for a while now. :|

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Captain_Murasa: [HT] said:

    I don’t accept friend requests from people I do not know simply because I get them quite often.

    People are still off at work and such right now, but so far we’ve had 4 in agreement for the Friday time. As I receive more feedback from people I’ll finalize the times

  3. Captain_Murasa: [HT] said:

    Just for clarification, since it doesn’t appear my comment was read yesterday nor did I really ask, but would the Friday in question be tomorrow or the 1st of October?

    A Friday date at that time seems the agreed upon date among my team, I just need to clear that last thing up so I can inform people

  4. sniprpenguin said:

    I read it, but I was waiting for a post like that to actually respond. :P

    Yes, it’d be the Friday the 1st at 10PM Eastern. If that’s fine by you, I’ll put in a request for that time in the system. It’ll display as Oct 2, 4AM because of the whole “site’s in CEST time zone”, but it’ll be the same.

    Our team does have a server all set up and ready to go, but if you guys also have a server, we’ve usually have done it where the first map is on one team’s and the second map on the other. Just FYI, our server’s in Sacramento or San Jose, I forget which.

    We look forward to this match-up. >:D

  5. Captain_Murasa: [HT] said:

    Yeah that’s fine, go ahead and put it into the system.

    If need be we do have a server located in Kansas City, but it’s currently not set up with any sort of regulated config. If need be however, we can set it up for such a thing

  6. sniprpenguin said:

    Just FYI, you need to go to your Dashboard > My Matches and click on the little plus next to this match info to see the proposal. Just a verification thing.

  7. sniprpenguin said:

    Just wanna check in and say that we’re still good for tonight.

    Just remember that it has been confirmed that the new weapons that came out yesterday are NOT allowed. Even though they’re awesome.

    Our server with the config did go down last night, but it should be back up later.

  8. Captain_Murasa: [HT] said:

    Yes, we’re still on for 10 PM tonight.

    Also thanks for the heads up in regards to the weapons. I was going to check just to make sure

  9. sniprpenguin said:

    Server IP:
    Password is the name of this league. :P

    See you there!

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