Experimental Ordnance Cup #1 - LOW

Round 1

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by kiwii- (Deux bords)



1 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Latvia Deux bords vs Finland The MIPC Second Edition
3 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Deux bords (4) 4aO-Fa, Sayorix, subufer, kiwii-
Unrostered (1) atomic-


  1. at0m1c* said:

    we had no server to play on,we suggested one server,but it was too late,but we could play there 20 minutes but they rejected our suggestion join our server,so they asked for default defeat,but we ask for default win.

  2. subufer: db. - TF2.LV said:

    They just don’t wont to play on our server… ping was about 20-50

  3. makko said:

    like i said in steam, admins said to me that its too late to start the game so i waited for the admin to decide whats going to happen.

  4. at0m1c* said:

    guy we could play 15 or 20 minutes and decide who is better.LOL

  5. makko said:

    well, if i have admin saying that “dont play”, im not gonna play…even if i wanted to. And yes, i wanted. This is just fucking stupid that you are offering crappy and non-workable servers, and we got the blame on.

  6. Kimppi: [MIPC] - [MIPC] said:

    we salute you, proud cbwarriors!

  7. makko said:

    but atleast you are good at talking bullshit…”so they asked for default defeat,but we ask for default win….”we had no server to play on”

    steamlog: http://www.valomerkki.org/roskis/TF2/steamlog.txt

  8. MrLate; said:

    You should have a new match or something

  9. eedee said:

    Are you fucking serious? You say that we wont play on your server, despite the good pings. None of us could even connect to your server for christ sake.

  10. xzr: puppeli said:

    l2p shitter latvians

  11. at0m1c* said:

    guys dont cry,really)

  12. xzr: puppeli said:

    your english is almost as bad as ur tf2 :<

  13. at0m1c* said:

    are you sure?

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