Highlander Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Newman (Addiction to Gaming)



0 - 1

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0 - 1

[Screenshots: A B ]

Russia Russian Gun Owners vs UnitedStates Addiction to Gaming
0 - 2

SteamID Screenshots: A


Addiction to Gaming (9) Newman, Crackers, pretendica, hulkvsspawn, Magus, Havox, madmattd, Aaron, SteakHouse
Russian Gun Owners (9) MIB, unHuman, NetSky, Holy Loli, bazooka, MrForzer, af0r1zm, STee1, Sashok59


  1. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Hello, Russian Gun Owners! We’d love to play you on these maps. However the time scheduled might not work. Please give me a little time to make sure we can agree on a time that works for both teams.

  2. BlomD: S - Ilita said:


  3. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    It is too bad I did not respond to this faster. We could have agreed on a better time. We still can :)
    That time is at noon and 11 am for some of our players. Some of them are at work or school at that time. How late into the evening your time, can you play. I know 2 AM is early/late. Would Midnight your time be too late for you? I think the time you proposed would work great on the weekends for us, but it may be difficult during the week.

  4. BlomD: S - Ilita said:

    Mmm, max how we can play – this 2 PM for you, because for my team – this 10 PM and we wont sleep. :>
    Or we can’t play with you. :/

  5. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    That is a good time for us.

    We have a good server, and we hosted our last ladder match. What server would you like to play on?

  6. BlomD: S - Ilita said:

    Okey. Saturday 28 normal for you?

  7. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Yes. Saturday is good. What server are we playing on?

  8. BlomD: S - Ilita said:

    If you have server – going to your. If no – i say ip later, because i need suggestion of this theme, with other mans. :/

  9. Newman: [ATG] said:

    The IP for our server is:
    password: atg123

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