6v6 Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by flappie (Gathering of Tweakers Team 2)



1 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]

Hungary DarkSouls vs European Gathering of Tweakers Team 2
0 - 2

SteamID Screenshots: A


DarkSouls (4) nil222, FuRy, fanti, Sinox
Gathering of Tweakers Team 2 (5) kKaltUu, Gertje, flappie, diffx, Guts


  1. flappie said:

    Ohai. Can we play this on another date? Saturdays are usually a nogo for us.

  2. nil222: Ds` said:

    Sunday 23th?

  3. flappie said:

    I don’t think that’s gonna work either… Sunday 23th is a national holiday over here, people will be celebrating with parents/wifes/friends etc. Can we play this on a monday/tuesday or sunday 30th?

  4. nil222: Ds` said:

    I’ll only able to tell you at saturday if monday will work or not.

  5. flappie said:

    That should be good enough, if monday won’t work, what should be our backup date? Next sunday? :X

  6. flappie said:

    So, will monday work out?

  7. nil222: Ds` said:

    yes, monday is good

  8. flappie said:

    Your server or ours?; gotprivate

  9. nil222: Ds` said:

    your server

  10. nil222: Ds` said:

    Our demo has huge lags, so we need to use a merc. His name is Demon, would you allow him, please? http://etf2l.org/forum/user/8798/

  11. flappie said:

    please verify the results. :)

  12. kKaltUu: UbeR | - -chess- said:

    lol @ ss for badlands, flaming-spidermedic is coming for the demoman!

    gg btw :)

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