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Division 6d


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by ETF2L Staff



2 - 0

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2 - 3

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4 - 3

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Finland Kokemus Tuo Varmuutta vs Sweden Staggeringly Vast Gurka*
6 - 3


SteamID Screenshots: A


Kokemus Tuo Varmuutta (5) Henri3, Goala, [pikku]poju, Sepuu, dEgzi
Staggeringly Vast Gurka* (5) ZyZo, victor.., Skoberget, Naycon, Yllegarn
Unrostered (2) Raaster, Fossen


  1. RaCio: GoT² said:


    Welcome to this playoff which will decide who will promote to division 5.
    The maps for this match are decided trough map elimination. Using the season 7 map pool teams will have to take turns eliminating maps until 3 maps are left. After that each team will pick a map and the 3rd map will serve as a possible decider. (A further explanation can be found here: )
    Please try to schedule this game and play it before Sunday 9 May. A default date will be set Sunday 2 May.

    Good luck

  2. Separi: sG. said:

    We eliminate cp_freight!

  3. Separi: sG. said:

    Remaining maps: badlands, granary, well, gravelpit, turbine, gorge, gullywash , obscure

  4. Separi: sG. said:

    We can’t play tomorrow so is 9.5 cet 20.00 ok?

  5. victor.. said:

    We eliminate ctf_turbine. Remaining maps: badlands, granary, well, gravelpit, gorge, gullywash, obscure

    At the moment I’m not really sure when we are able to play :/ But tomorrow will probably not work for us either…

  6. Goala: [hePPa] said:

    we eliminate cp_well. remaining maps: badlands, granary, gravelpit, gorge, gullywash, obscure

  7. victor.. said:

    Hi again! As it looks now, we will hopefully be able to play at saturday next week, do you think that would work? And just to make sure we don’t get any penalty I will make a challenge-appointment on 9/5 20:00, so please just accept that! This does not mean we are able to play that date but I don’t want anyone to lose any points or stuff… I’ll add you to steam so we can talk easier.
    Btw, we eliminate Gravelpit; remaining maps badlands, granary, gorge, gullywash, obscure

  8. Goala: [hePPa] said:

    we eliminate obscure; remaining maps badlands, granary, gorge, gullywash

  9. Goala: [hePPa] said:

    and 9/5 20:00 sounds good

  10. victor.. said:

    I’m checking with my team if sunday works but I haven’t said that it will yet.. But I’m wondering if you can play on 8/5?

  11. Separi: sG. said:

    Well we can try to get enough players at 8/5. We usually don’t play any official games at fri/sat, but we can talk about it at steam/irc #ktv.tf2. Btw we are useing a “merc” Raaster Raaster has play all our previois league games, but resing after last game. Now he’s back, but some reason we can’t add him back to our team page.

  12. victor.. said:

    Ok, that would be sweet if you could. I’ll see if I can lurk a time out of my boyoz.. They’re pretty slow at the moment….
    Yeah you can use Raaster, looked him up and like you said he have played with you so that’s no problem :)

    Btw, so long gullywash! If I have read the rules right, then it’s time to for you to pick the First map. The options are as following: BADLANDS, GRANARY, GORGE

    Will get back to you guys. With love, victor..

  13. victor.. said:

    Hi guys! Apparentely the one who only could play on saturday, can’t even play at saturday anymore.. So I hope sunday still works for you, and if my people can play then we do that.. But still, it would be nice if you could decide which the first map should be
    Cheers, victor..

  14. Goala: [hePPa] said:

    first map:gorge

  15. Separi: sG. said:

    Hi! Sunday works better for us so don’t worry. You can use a merc if you can’t get 6 players.

  16. victor.. said:

    Hi! Allright, yeah, we’ll see if we can get enough people. Thanks. And we choose granary as the second map, now i’m gonna see if you’re supposed to be able to add the maps :D

  17. victor.. said:

    Ehrm.. Didn’t find anything so:




  18. DJHANDSFREE: sextant said:

    Gogo Gurka :]

  19. Lagitech said:

    Go KTV!

  20. Lisztomania: No AiM` said:

    gogo gurka* ! ;)

  21. KousKous: STD said:

    STV? :O

    GL HF everyone

  22. Jarppa: Feacon said:

    Go KTV!

  23. victor.. said:

    STV will be announced soon when i have found a server ;)

  24. KousKous: STD said:

    Ok, nice :D

    Go go fellow swedes

  25. victor.. said:

    For anyone wondering, ip to STV is:
    That is if you haven’t noticed it yet :P

  26. Goala: [hePPa] said:


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