6v6 Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by c00k13 (UberNinjas)



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Portugal Team ARA vs Norway UberNinjas
1 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Team ARA (6) caldeira, xcentryk, Vaskie | old, Madero, Brites, WTFBBQ
UberNinjas (6) c00k13, Petter, Martinhg, neppoS, Sheep, Holst


  1. c00k13: UP| said:

    the my matches page dosent work, bug suggest the time here instead ;)

  2. Vaskituh said:

    What about saturday at 22:00 ?

  3. Vaskituh said:

    btw i forgot, but we need to use a merc as soldier :(

  4. Sheep said:

    i dont think we can play tonight, can we expose it ?

  5. c00k13: UP| said:

    heh, delay would be a better word, but hey.. u guise cant play at thirsday 21:00 CEST?

  6. c00k13: UP| said:

    tuesday* sorry xD

  7. Vaskituh said:

    Yeah, tuesday it is : )

  8. Vaskituh said:

    Can the game be at 21:15 ?

    It might take me 15 more minutes as i won’t be home and will be coming as fast as possible xD

  9. c00k13: UP| said:

    connect; password yoshi

    its ok :) badlands and ??

  10. Vaskituh said:

    ok :D
    Badlands !

    Can you give us Source TV ?

    Good Luck

  11. c00k13: UP| said:

    im sorry but gameservers.com never fixed the source tv.. is it ok?

  12. Vaskituh said:

    yeah don’t worry ;)

  13. XcentryK: ARA said:

    can you change the map?

  14. Vaskituh said:

    Good Go !

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