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Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 5a

Week 9

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.

Default Win

Lithuania Team Vay vs International Drone72
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B C


Drone72 (6) jUICY, DarK., bulletproofsmurf, Beefy, rAye., Sp00ky
Team Vay (7) Stereofunk!, lagiukas, algiosh, Rockas, Feero, ANDMYHEADKEAPSS, Active`
Unregistered (1) nGa-Gaming > NightHa


  1. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 18 April 2010, 20:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  2. Jazzman: keso said:

    Go nga!

  3. Stereofunk!: vay » said:

    ok xD

  4. kitas.: mi6 - BANZAI said:

    GL NGA!

  5. Rockas: IDM. said:


  6. RePL@y said:


  7. Hoppy: Vuze. said:

    Can you upload Active’s demo please?
    GG, you played very very well on badlands :D

  8. Stereofunk!: vay » said:


  9. Rockas: IDM. said:

    GG gl the rest of season

  10. baerbel: trick17 - trick17 said:

    Hello nGa-Gaming and Drone72
    As part of our random demo checking this season, can all players please upload their POV demos from Badlands and Gravelpit. You can either upload them directly to ETF2L using the demo upload function or zip/rar and upload to your favourite upload site (please try to avoid Rapidshare if possible). If you choose to upload to a 3rd party site, please link your demos in the comments.

    Please ensure you upload the demos within the next 48 hours. Many thanks in advance for your co-operation!

  11. Feero: vay » said:

    Medic POV demo

    Graverpit – http://www.failai.in/show/F/A25046D1B/20100418_2150_cp_gravelpit_red_blu.dem
    Badlands – http://www.failai.in/show/F/DAAE894C2/20100418_2118_cp_badlands_red_blu.dem

  12. Sp00ky said:




  13. Sp00ky said:


  14. mb: keso said:

    OH LOL this is just comedy gold!

  15. Stereofunk!: vay » said:


  16. Rockas: IDM. said:

    yeah ;s

  17. NightHawk- said:

    http://www.2shared.com/file/12676431/10fe389a/nighthawk.html <—- My both demos.

  18. rayMears.: Vuze. - T. said:



  19. Hoppy: Vuze. said:

    The demos i have uploaded are PoV demos and not STV, my bad XD

  20. bulletproofsmurf: Vuze. said:


  21. bulletproofsmurf: Vuze. said:


  22. DarK. said:


  23. jUICY: TF2 is ... said:


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