Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 6j

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Nebb (StopNplay Multigaming Community)



0 - 2

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1 - 5

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Sweden Staggeringly Vast Gurka* vs Portugal StopNplay Multigaming Community
0 - 6


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StopNplay Multigaming Community (6) Nebb, WipE, Kiler4fun, Nitroboynn, Metroplex., Fear
Staggeringly Vast Gurka* (6) ZyZo, victor.., Skoberget, Naycon, sOze, Yllegarn


  1. Nebb. said:

    Hey! When do you can play??

  2. victor.. said:

    Hi! Right now we have our week 4 game this sunday, so the earliest we will be able to play is next week. I don’t know exactly what day is the best for us that week, but thursdays and sundays are usually good days to play and around 20-21 CET. This does not mean that we are able to play this thursday or sunday because I don’t know yet, but it would be good if you can check with your guys and I’ll check with mah boys.

    Cheers /victor..

  3. Nebb. said:

    Thursday or sunday sounds nice, but we can only play at 21:00 CET or later. The only day that we can play earlier is saturday. So you see if you can play thursday at 21:00 CET and then tell me something!! :D

  4. Naycon: Gurka* - Gurka* said:

    We’re checking now, Victor.. forgot to ask the team about when we can play this game. =).

    I’d say it’s more probable that we can play Sunday 21:00 CET than Thursday, but that’s just my feeling.

  5. Nebb. said:

    We can play Sunday too but only 21:15 CET. Just choose which one is better for you :D

  6. Naycon: Gurka* - Gurka* said:

    That should be fine, but we’ll get back to you when our guys have slept away the hangover and have told us when they can play. =)

  7. Nebb. said:

    ahah, ok then!

  8. Naycon: Gurka* - Gurka* said:

    Sunday the 21th of march at 21:15 CET seems like a good time for us too. I’ll schedule it!

  9. Nebb. said:

    Great! We have an UK server so if you dont mind we can play there…

  10. Metroplex said:

    this the connect:connect ; password mihwar
    server uk ,nice ping for all:)

  11. Froz3n.pT said:

    Good luck MIH :)

  12. Naycon: Gurka* - Gurka* said:

    Ping seemed ok, had around 50-60 on tr walkway. Should work and I think we could find another server if some other of our players have problems (sometimes the ping to UK from Sweden ain’t the best, MPUK servers for example usually suck).

  13. Skoberget: Gurka* said:

    GG, hate loosing due to internet problems ;)

  14. Metroplex said:


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