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Division 6a

Week 9

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by tenttLik (5 meat's man and viletaushiy ueba ShaNo)



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International CiC Solar vs Russia 5 meat's man and viletaushiy ueba ShaNo
0 - 6

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5 meat's man and viletaushiy ueba ShaNo (4) ShaNo, tenttLik, melanholik, Kel
CiC Solar (6) Nagash, Belial, Tiger-eye, emmz, Balloon, weissberv
Unregistered (1) Waste


  1. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    we can’t do 19:00cet matches. we can only do 21:00 cet on week days or 19:30cet at the earliest on sundays.

    we can only do mon/tues/thurs/sun and we aren’t available until Tues 6th April

  2. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    sorry i mean earliest is 20:30cet, 19:30 is way way to earlier for us

  3. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by Doctor Helicopter.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 20/04/2010.

  4. tenttLik said:

    It is assured you never 12 hours per mine worked, and sit out 8 hours an ass at office.

  5. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    ? huh whats that mean? please throw more insults in broken english our way. if people work for a living, thats nothing to insult them for.

    like i told you already, we can’t play before 21:00cet on a week day, and 20:30cet on a weekend. Everyone else in the league finds these match times fairly reasonable, i don’t see why you don’t

  6. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    for reference, here’s the convo we had previous to the above.

    08 April 2010
    20:06 – Dr.Helicopter ¤ tenttLik: Greetings, we should play ETF2L (9 week), but at us a small problem because of time zones. At us 5\6 hours on ???, it would be desirable to learn, whether you can play 18-00 on ????
    20:07 – [CiC]Nagash: nope we can’t sorry
    20:07 – [CiC]Nagash: 21:00 cet earliest, or 20:30 cet on a weekend
    20:07 – [CiC]Nagash: and only play mon/tues/thurs/sun
    20:08 – Dr.Helicopter ¤ tenttLik: Can be on Saturday will try to gather on following weeks at 19-30?
    20:08 – [CiC]Nagash: we can’t play saturdays
    20:08 – [CiC]Nagash: only sundays for weekends
    20:10 – Dr.Helicopter ¤ tenttLik: Men, show respect, to us to have to play at night before work. It is assured you never played such time.
    20:11 – [CiC]Nagash: show respect to us, we have families and work
    20:11 – [CiC]Nagash: we can’t play at dinner time
    20:11 – [CiC]Nagash: we have to eat#
    20:11 – [CiC]Nagash: eat or play tf2 and go hungry
    20:12 – Dr.Helicopter ¤ tenttLik: Our game will not borrow a lot of time, it will be fast.
    20:12 – [CiC]Nagash: then won’t matter if you play late at a normal time that euro clans play
    20:13 – Dr.Helicopter ¤ tenttLik: Let’s play after your dinner, in how many it at you comes to an end?
    20:13 – [CiC]Nagash: some members also have young children to put to bed
    20:14 – [CiC]Nagash: 20:30 cet is earliest possible time for us, but only on a weekend
    20:16 – Dr.Helicopter ¤ tenttLik: wtf? After meal it is impossible to go to bed
    20:19 – Dr.Helicopter ¤ tenttLik: Surrender you all equally will lose so what for to scoff at us and above by itself?
    20:20 – [CiC]Nagash: cheers for the threat, but we can only play at normal euro times
    20:20 – [CiC]Nagash: match now, post on match page if you have anything else to say plz
    20:27 – Dr.Helicopter ¤ tenttLik: Def. date appointed on 20.04 at 19-30, you cannot in such play time?

  7. d-smart said:


  8. tenttLik said:

    play here

  9. tenttLik said:


  10. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    that server IP doesn’t work in HLSW. something is wrong with it

    Also as stated many times before, we can’t do 20:00cet. it’s way to early for any of our players

  11. tenttLik said:

    The server is disconnected when on it anybody is not present, we can include it when it will be convenient to you to check up ping

  12. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    i find this incredibly insulting

    19:26 – pipebox: Well then surrender, all is equal if you will win any miracle, it will not change your position on league.
    19:26 – pipebox: Look to the truth in eyes, you have lost for all games

    so what if your 3rd in our div and we are yet to win. if we can’t play at a time, we can’t play, so it’s not use trying to insult us. You’ve even demanded we default to you just so you can go into Div5. please please stop with the insults.

    This team claims to be in Russia but they also claim they are 6 hours time difference to us. We only want to play at a normal time of night, which all other clans in our div have agreed to as well.

  13. tenttLik said:

    xD да, потому что получить техническое поражение от команды, которая проиграла абсолютно всем, это очень тупо.

  14. tenttLik said:

    xD yes because to receive technical defeat from a command which has lost absolutely to everything, it is very stupid.

  15. tenttLik said:

    And at us it is valid +6 СЕТ

  16. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    This is seriously annoying me now and so i’ve been advised to post the chat log here. I do not appreciate the piss takes of our team being so bad that we should fall to your demands of times to play, and so i shall leave this for an admin or whomever to put up a default date for said match

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    13 April 2010
    18:51 – pipebox: 20.04.10
    18:51 – [CiC]Nagash: huh?
    18:52 – pipebox: Game, captain obvious
    18:52 – [CiC]Nagash: what game? you have no tag and just posted something random to me
    18:52 – [CiC]Nagash: etf2l?
    18:53 – pipebox: Dr. Helicopter
    18:53 – [CiC]Nagash: we play in more than one league, so helps to know :D
    18:53 – pipebox: yep etf2l
    18:53 – pipebox: sorry for notag
    18:53 – [CiC]Nagash: is that 20:00 cet?
    18:54 – pipebox: yep
    18:54 – [CiC]Nagash: like i’ve said a fair few times before, 21:00cet is earliest we can do on weekdays
    18:54 – [CiC]Nagash: 20:30cet on sundays
    18:55 – [CiC]Nagash: also is that server down, because nothing is coming up on HLSW
    18:56 – pipebox: The muzhik, at us too family and work, we here have decided to play 02-00! Our way! time
    18:56 – pipebox: I can up server now
    18:57 – [CiC]Nagash: still not coming up, there’s something wrong with it
    18:57 – [CiC]Nagash: and whats
    18:57 – [CiC]Nagash: 18:56 – pipebox: The muzhik, at us too family and work, we here have decided to play 02-00! Our way! time
    18:57 – [CiC]Nagash: supposed to mean
    18:58 – pipebox: w8 =)
    18:58 – [CiC]Nagash: k
    19:00 – pipebox: 20-00 CET = 02-00 our local time, it very much late. We too working people also do not get enough sleep for the sake of games with you
    19:01 – [CiC]Nagash: i’m very sorry, but we can’t play any earlier
    19:01 – pipebox: You equally will lose for all to us, there can be at once a technical defeat?
    19:01 – [CiC]Nagash: well ok, be cocky and insulting, see if that makes me agree
    19:02 – [CiC]Nagash: we’ve played other teams in your time zone and they play those times fine
    19:02 – pipebox: Other commands do exception of 1 times for a season, it not so is terrible
    19:03 – [CiC]Nagash: yeah, we only play at 21:00cet, but have made exceptions to play 20:30cet to other clans this season, but only weekends
    19:03 – [CiC]Nagash: if it’s not so terrible for us, why not so terrible for u?
    19:05 – pipebox: We all season plays 02-00 on local time with all commands.
    If we shall play 03-00 it will be sad, as to us in 6 mornings for work.
    19:06 – [CiC]Nagash: like i say, why join a league where you have to play at 2am?
    19:06 – [CiC]Nagash: if you can’t play at times that are normal for the league, why join
    19:06 – [CiC]Nagash: you asked us to default, why not default yourself if you can’t play at a normal time?
    19:07 – pipebox: You that, absolutely stupid? To us to like to play on this league and all commands concern with understanding except for you, you familiarly such concept as ” the human factor “?
    19:08 – pipebox: Because for all of you equally will lose, whether it is necessary to spend our and nerves?
    19:08 – [CiC]Nagash: yeah, human factor here as well
    19:08 – [CiC]Nagash: we can’t play at 20:00cet for a reason or i would have said yes
    19:08 – [CiC]Nagash: if we will equally lose, why can’t we equally lose at 21:00cet
    19:09 – pipebox: Yes yes, you cannot play because at you a dinner, it is very powerful reason
    19:09 – [CiC]Nagash: sorry if i wish to live by eating
    19:09 – [CiC]Nagash: sorry if some of our members have 1 year old kids who need to live by eating
    19:09 – [CiC]Nagash: if you can stay awake until 2am and play, why not stay awake until 3am
    19:10 – [CiC]Nagash: no one makes you stay awake until then, it’s your choice
    19:11 – [CiC]Nagash: no matter what you say, we can’t play at 20:00cet. if you wish to try and insult me more, fair enough, if you wish to be arrogent even more, fair enough. it won’t change the fact that we can’t play at the times you are demanding we play
    19:12 – pipebox: 1) you that, feed your children all family? It can make and the wife of your player.

    2) Because to we should though a few have a rest before going to mine behind coal, it to you not at office to sit.
    3) We wish to leave in 5 div, and game stirs with you.
    19:13 – [CiC]Nagash: what if both the husband and wife play for the team?
    19:13 – pipebox: ahaha, simultaneously? xD
    19:13 – [CiC]Nagash: yup. one plays for cic1, other for cic2
    19:14 – [CiC]Nagash: you play in russian time zones?
    19:14 – pipebox: №3 is not the request, it was ours I “want”
    19:14 – pipebox: Let the wife feeds the child, and the husband in the meantime will quickly play
    19:15 – [CiC]Nagash: :/
    19:15 – [CiC]Nagash: call in sick for work
    19:15 – [CiC]Nagash: then you can play
    19:15 – [CiC]Nagash: thats just as reasonable an excuse as your trying to use on me
    19:15 – [CiC]Nagash: it doesn’t work that way right?
    19:16 – [CiC]Nagash: same as what your trying to say
    19:16 – [CiC]Nagash: The current time in Moscow City, Russia is 22:16
    19:17 – [CiC]Nagash: your 3 hours ahead, not 6 as your trying to make out
    19:17 – pipebox: We not in Moscow, we in Siberia
    19:17 – [CiC]Nagash: ah so your not in europe then?
    19:18 – pipebox: No, we not in the Europe, we to Russia, Siberia it is a part of Russia
    19:19 – pipebox: Still we should be overcome with a drunk bear, you understand?
    19:19 – [CiC]Nagash: sorry but it’s a euro league and you have to play euro times
    19:20 – pipebox: We play on European time, many commands play 20-00, and those who do not play, show respect for opponents and postpone business for a short while
    19:20 – pipebox: You though time struggled with a drunk bear?
    19:20 – [CiC]Nagash: btw, commands isn’t the right word
    19:21 – [CiC]Nagash: it’s “clans”
    19:21 – [CiC]Nagash: command = to order
    19:21 – pipebox: =)) I know, simply write through the translator that was faster
    19:21 – [CiC]Nagash: it makes it very hard to read what you say if you use a translator
    19:22 – [CiC]Nagash: it doesn’t make sense and it makes you sound very insulting
    19:22 – pipebox: Excuse, but through the translator to me is much faster
    19:22 – pipebox: You though time struggled with a drunk bear?
    19:23 – [CiC]Nagash: that makes no sense
    19:23 – pipebox: To struggle with a bear?:D
    19:23 – [CiC]Nagash: ? the animal? whats fighting a drunk bear got to do with anything
    19:24 – [CiC]Nagash: like i say, i’m very sorry but we can’t play at the time you ask. nothing you say will change that
    19:25 – pipebox: It is Russian tradition, and it too takes away time =)
    19:25 – [CiC]Nagash: =] k
    19:25 – [CiC]Nagash: thats not a familiar expression here
    19:25 – [CiC]Nagash: ;)
    19:26 – pipebox: Well then surrender, all is equal if you will win any miracle, it will not change your position on league.
    19:26 – pipebox: Look to the truth in eyes, you have lost for all games
    19:27 – [CiC]Nagash: yes it will
    19:27 – pipebox: Well then what for to force us to sleep minimal time if it will change nothing?
    19:30 – [CiC]Nagash: if it changes nothing, then play at that that time we ask
    19:30 – [CiC]Nagash: if you have nothing else to say but insults, please stop messaging me
    19:31 – [CiC]Nagash: it’s apprently 2:30am where you are now? so why are you still here. surely it’ to late for u?
    19:31 – pipebox: Here and I ask what for to play? You can receive technical defeat
    19:31 – [CiC]Nagash: ok
    19:31 – [CiC]Nagash: we’ll take the default then
    19:32 – pipebox: You and really are stupid, I to make to communicate to you, look at online the status of mine teamm8s
    19:33 – [CiC]Nagash: strangly enough i don’t have all your team on my friends list

  17. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    19:55 – pipebox: ebanaya syka, all right we shall play 3 one o’clock in the morning, but it will be a parameter what you thick-headed.
    19:56 – [CiC]Nagash: sorry, i don’t know what you mean by “parameter”
    19:56 – [CiC]Nagash: i submitted a date though if you want to agree to it you can
    19:57 – pipebox: Parameter – value

    i dunno what “ebanaya syka” means but looks like an insult when phrased with the sentence “you thick-headed”

  18. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    after posting the above, they have agree a date with us

  19. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    20:02 – pipebox: Yes yes, you do not offend, you knock to administrators
    20:02 – pipebox: Have happy day
    20:02 – pipebox: сука


  20. tenttLik said:

    I with you in would shall dissolve have not gone

  21. tenttLik said:

    Englishmen such Englishmen

  22. Linus: [d¿s] - 007 said:

    i am quite entertained by the comments here.

  23. Raven said:

    Yup, comments for this match = lulz

  24. Kyller said:

    Smacks all in this chat! ((((=

  25. d-smart said:


  26. tenttLik said:

    :D я старался ^^

  27. ShaNo said:

    хуя вы тролли

  28. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    your server doesn’t seem to ping for us in HLSW, could you see if it’s working please or try ours which is ty

  29. Belial: SNSD-jjang ♥ said:

    is there any chance you could have STV turned on for this match please.

  30. Belial: SNSD-jjang ♥ said:

    Есть ли шанс, вы могли бы СТВ включен на этот матч, пожалуйста.

  31. tenttLik said:

    yes yes

  32. tenttLik said: – stv

  33. Nagash: [CiC] - CiC said:

    just to note, belial was removed from the team list before the status screen was uploaded and so it appears he is unregistered

  34. ShaNo said:

    не зря в три ночи встал и играл

  35. Vladi: TIDS said:

    seriously – are you translating with babelfish?

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