Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 5a

Week 6

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Jazzman (Keso gaming)



1 - 6

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0 - 5

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Israel No Mercy vs Sweden Keso gaming
0 - 6

Active Wildcards:

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No Mercy (3) yellowblood, Serjongo, p0Le
Keso gaming (6) Persian_Warrior, mb, Jazzman, numlocked, ulv, iQue
Unrostered (1) Silent Godot


  1. MartiNi: SOAS said:

    When do you want to do the game?
    How about Wednesday at 16:00 CET?

  2. Jazzman: keso said:

    definitely not 16:00 CET any day.

    We usually play 20:00 CET or 21:15 CET

  3. P0LE said:

    Wednesday 19:30 CET will be fine?

  4. ulv: h. - Liero said:

    any time works for me personally (except 16:00) :D

  5. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Wednesday, 24 March 2010, 19:30 CET
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  6. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by Team Onlinegamer.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 07/04/2010.

  7. Jazzman: keso said:

    we had to wildcard, we got problems getting a full 6 players on tonight

  8. ulv: h. - Liero said:


  9. yellowblood said:

    pfff, just admit you fear us.

  10. Jazzman: keso said:

    of course :>

  11. Jazzman: keso said:

    guys can we play on tuesday the 6th?

  12. Jazzman: keso said:

    Im having trouble contacting you guys and you dont answer here or try to contact me

    we really need to play this match today or if the admins agree some other day but we already have a match tomorrow and on sunday. please try to cantact me

  13. P0LE said:

    we are able to play tonight.
    if the admins confirm that, its ok, we’ll play on another day.

  14. P0LE said:

    we are able to play tonight.
    if the admins confirm that, its ok, we’ll play on another day. (now sent to email)

  15. MartiNi: SOAS said:

    We cant play the game today.
    lets play it in Saturday.

  16. Jazzman: keso said:

    will be played today at 20:00 CEST

  17. SnowiE: -9w- - -9m- said:

    Please confirm that the merc was allowed or verify the result, thank you.

  18. ulv: h. - Liero said:

    we didnt mind

  19. ulv: h. - Liero said:

    and i dont know how to verify results! :D

  20. MartiNi: SOAS said:

    i just verify the results :)

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