Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 3b

Week 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by The8thMusketeer (Fragmative )



2 - 3

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3 - 5

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International Team Vertex - Retired Edition vs European Fragmative
0 - 6

Active Wildcards:

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Fragmative (6) Dekken, Landazar, Agent 0, The8thMusketeer, Stew, Nortan
Team Vertex - Retired Edition (5) YoungBlood, shifty, Chubbsta, Mar, Easy-
Unrostered (1) Anderson


  1. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Any chance we can play this weekend on Sunday chaps? :)

  2. The8thMusketeer: fm said:

    Sorry guys can’t this weekend. Maybe 6-7 March ?

  3. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Sunday 7th we’re gonna be busy with ESL & a postponed ETF2L match.

    We can play Tuesday 2nd or Thursday 4th?

    Drop me a message on Steam tomorrow :)

  4. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    We’re unlikely to be able to arrange this as the default date will probably be Thursday 4th March and fm can’t play, so will need to wilcard it.

    17:14 – fm.The8thMusketeer: soo week 3 etf2l
    17:14 – d2m: yeah
    17:15 – fm.The8thMusketeer: cant make it on the week days
    17:15 – fm.The8thMusketeer: can you play on the 6th ?
    17:15 – fm.The8thMusketeer: saturday
    17:15 – d2m: you’re gonna have to wildcard it then mate
    17:15 – d2m: no, we don’t play fridays or saturdays, no teams do
    17:15 – d2m: well few do :p
    17:15 – d2m: most go out drinking and relax :)
    17:16 – fm.The8thMusketeer: yea friday
    17:16 – d2m: we play sunday-thursday
    17:16 – fm.The8thMusketeer: and the defout dates ?
    17:16 – fm.The8thMusketeer: they usualy set the on sundays
    17:16 – d2m: i can fit you in for a game sunday, monday, tuesday and thursday
    17:16 – d2m: without any problems
    17:16 – fm.The8thMusketeer: sunday
    17:16 – d2m: unfortunately sunday 7th is taken
    17:16 – fm.The8thMusketeer: 7th ?
    17:17 – d2m: nope, as stated on the match page we are not available then because grognasse wildcarded and rearranged for then
    17:17 – d2m: we can play sun 28th, mon 1st, tues 2nd, thursday 4th
    17:18 – fm.The8thMusketeer: well one of my sollys is going to be busy this week and I think I might need to wildcard week 2 match
    17:18 – fm.The8thMusketeer: wich is on the 28th
    17:18 – d2m: ok
    17:18 – d2m: the default date for this game will likely be set to thursday 4th
    17:18 – d2m: so i expect you’ll need to wildcard that too
    17:19 – fm.The8thMusketeer: do they set the def dates for weekdays ?
    17:19 – d2m: our admin team does if for example, one team already has a match on the sunday
    17:19 – d2m: the next available “play-day” would be thursda
    17:19 – d2m: as we never default date friday/saturday as the majority of teams do not play
    17:20 – fm.The8thMusketeer: I see
    17:20 – fm.The8thMusketeer: so wildcard it is
    17:20 – d2m: yeah :(
    17:20 – fm.The8thMusketeer: one or two week delay ?
    17:20 – fm.The8thMusketeer: the wildcard
    17:20 – d2m: a wildcard is 14 days
    17:21 – d2m: in which the game must be played
    17:21 – d2m: if you use it, please try and actually be available on more than just a sunday or a “non-play” day :p
    17:21 – d2m: so we can get the game played :)
    17:22 – fm.The8thMusketeer: yep
    17:22 – d2m: it’s cool if your teammate has problems, no worries with that. but let’s make sure we actually play our match
    17:22 – fm.The8thMusketeer: we will we have to

  5. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Thursday, 04 March 2010, 21:00 CET
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  6. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by Fragmative .
    You must reschedule and play this game before 15/03/2010.

  7. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:


    Just to help out with arranging we can play Mon 8th – Thurs 11th March, 21:15CET (preferred, but earlier is possible). Can also play Sunday 14th, but I can only keep this day free for a couple more days, as otherwise our other ETF2L game will be arranged for then.

    Please can we get the match re-arranged for one of these dates soon?


  8. The8thMusketeer: fm said:

    Can you reserve Sunday 14th. I will ask my teammates for the time and get back to you.

  9. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:


    We can do 20:30, 21:00 or 21:15 CET start.

    We would prefer 21:15CET if possible please :)

  10. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:


    Please confirm the time :) 5 days have passed x

  11. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:


    Sever ip:

    Pass, I’ll send on Steam :]

  12. LaMqTa: fenneks said:


  13. Nortan: Bulgaria said:


  14. Dekken said:

    GG :D

  15. V3n0mMm said:

    GG Mashiniiiiiiiiiiiiii xD

  16. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Credit to fm for destroying our team on a day when we played absolutely shocking. Really good teamwork, wp :)

  17. Stew said:

    Awesome game against worthy opponents. Well played :)

  18. Stew said:

    and good luck in further matches :)

  19. Agent 0: ? - fgt said:

    Good game guys! It was fun

  20. Archangel: amg said:

    I cant belive this o_O

  21. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Every team has a bad day sometimes Archangel :) fm had a very good day, and we had a very bad day. Happens in sport, happens in TF2 etc. No worries!

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