Note to all PASS Time Cup Participants: All Mercs have to be approved by your opponent. There are NO Default Mercs in the cup. You are allowed 1 Merc per game. Usual Merc rules apply.

There is also a known issue with the whitelist not working after changing the map, please use rcon tftrue_whitelist_id 14555

6v6 Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Chaos (Who Dares... Grins)



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]

CzechRepublic Risentalent vs International Who Dares... Grins
2 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Unrostered (10) Dodgy, Monog, Poly, impulse, Layy, Hzza, dareckov, DeadlyAvenger, nineblade, Power
Unregistered (2) (=WDG=) Chaos [TC], rep.nalim(ek)


  1. Chaos said:

    Who do I add on steam friends to get this sorted?

  2. nalim: nnY. - CS said:

    me (0:1:24392332) -my STEAM ID my profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008923223

  3. Ladder Challenge said:

    Match Reminder
    This challenge was accepted more than 7 days ago. You must play this game before 11/02/2010 or both teams will automatically incur a 5 point penalty. Penalty points will be removed upon completion of this match. Please schedule and play this game as soon as possible

  4. nalim: nnY. - CS said:


  5. Chaos said:

    I’d like to formally request a demo from iMpulse please.

  6. rep.nalim(ek): nnY. - CS said:

    Player Layy was a guest, enemy team agreed with him

  7. iMpulse said:

    Here’s my demo: http://rapidshare.com/files/345950826/20100204_2037_cp_badlands.dem.html
    I hope it’s now ok.

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