6v6 Ladder 2010

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by RaCio (Gathering of Tweakers Team 1)



5 - 1

[Screenshots: A B ]



6 - 1

[Screenshots: A B ]

European Gathering of Tweakers Team 1 vs European Monkey-Gamers
2 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Monkey-Gamers (5) David, Donut121, H..., dauk, toasty
Gathering of Tweakers Team 1 (5) Waster, kingmob, RaCio, Killzone, VyperX


  1. Dauk said:

    10th (sunday) 21:00 CET is ok for you?

  2. VyperX: [GoT1] said:

    Sunday should be ok (need to ask rest of clan). But we would prefer 20:30 CET. :)

  3. Dauk said:

    we can both times , but 9 would be better, but if you can’t then we’ll play it at 20:30

  4. VyperX: [GoT1] said:

    Sent challenge for 10th, 20:30. :)

  5. Dauk said:

    Accepted , who’s server you wanna play? IF it’s yours leave info here atleast half of hour before game , if not we’ll leave and be waiting on ours.

  6. VyperX: [GoT1] said:

    Ours should be fine. :)
    I added you (Dauk) to my Steam friends. We can exchange server/pass through that, otherwise we’ll post it here in time for you to notice. :)

  7. fraNky* said:

    gl both teams, but go MG go ;)

  8. Nmx: ᴷᵈ said:


  9. Dauk said:

    gg , ull post the results?

  10. RaCio: GoT² said:

    GG :)

  11. Dauk said:

    gg, hope to recieve more challanges from you in short time.

  12. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Yes, that would be great fun

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