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Round 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by louzb3K (Victa Gallia)



4 - 0

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France Victa Gallia vs Sweden Gurka*
1 - 0

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Victa Gallia (4) QuOx, Wen, shinra, louzb3K
Gurka* (4) GangsterAlgot, Naycon, sOze, Yllegarn


  1. GangsterAlgot said:

    Hi guys, when do you want to play? We can play thursday, saturday and sunday this week.

    Does any of those dates sound good to you? It may be at some odd times because we have regular 6v6 games but i hope thats allright.

  2. louzb3K: iCon said:

    Hi mates!

    I’m gona see with my mates, but we have severals players that are gonna participate to a LAN so because we can play till the 8 november we maybe gona find a date around the 7-8.

    Would it be okay?

    Sry for the inconvenience, and im gonna give you an answer!

  3. louzb3K: iCon said:

    check match sheet thx!

  4. louzb3K: iCon said:

    the 6/11 21h?

    the 7/11 in the afternoon 16h?

  5. GangsterAlgot said:

    6:th at 21 cet sounds great

  6. louzb3K: iCon said:


  7. louzb3K: iCon said:

    added you steamfriends so you can give me ip/pass server!

  8. louzb3K: iCon said:

    gg thx :)

  9. GangsterAlgot said:


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