Season 6 powered by SteelSeries Xai

Division 4c

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Master-1- (The Dominant Strength)



2 - 5

[Screenshots: A B ]



1 - 9

[Screenshots: A B C ]

European DEADstock vs Turkey The Dominant Strength
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B


DEADstock (8) Shem, xtala, Shampoo, Insanity, NoJu, OpT1mUs, ilike2spin, Hosain H
The Dominant Strength (5) rhox, keko_hunter, ForzaEagLE, trafo, Master-1-
Unrostered (1) stormbringer



  1. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 08 November 2009, 21:15 CET
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  2. Hosain H: Royal` said:

    Accept friend invites please.

  3. xtala said:

    No sign of the opponent.
    Checked IRC, no one online
    Invited them to steamfriends but they refused to accept the invites.

  4. rhox: TDS said:

    Friend invites were accepted. I was not shedueling this match i don’t know what are you talking about but i created a steam group for our season i have invited every team admin just for this reason can you tell me are you guys on that group BECOUSE that group is for shedule and to reach other teams members.

  5. rhox: TDS said:

    and as im a team leader i did not get any invites from any members from nobility

  6. rhox: TDS said:

    I have talked to alundra and he told me that nobility accepted to play next week. So there is a lie here coz xtaka is saying they were not able to reach us

  7. Master-1-: TDS said:

    I believe that this is a result of miscommunication here..

    I also am the team leader of TDS, and I have talked to one of your leaders “NoJustice
    Leader 0:1:17074712” via steam under the nickname Nob.Nojustice. I don’t want to flame anyone but apparently he is not aware of what’s going on here. So, I’m now trying to communicate with him right now.. Unfortunately, I did not take a screenshot of our previous chat log with Nojustice.

    I will post here as soon as I contact with him..

  8. rhox: TDS said:

    alundra reached ilike2spin, and i talked to league admin kop about the match. He confirmed to re shedule this match by talking to ilike2spin. I guess this misunderstanding solved

  9. xtala said:

    @rhox: Hosain invited all 3 team leaders on steamfriends. Also thanks for calling me a liar, I really appreciate that.

    Anyhow, there was a miscommunication. Apparantly spin had agreed to reschedule but either he forgot to tell us (he was away all weekend) or we forgot about it. Doesn’t matter now.

  10. rhox: TDS said:

    i called you liar coz i asked my team8 and he told that he already delayed the match. If this is true what do you call yours that you didnt reached anyone.

  11. rhox: TDS said:

    btw you can reach us by our divs steam group you dont need to invite any1

  12. Master-1-: TDS said:

    You may connect; password tdswar

  13. xtala said:

    Fuck me, you deniy us using a merc cause he’s div3.
    but then you just go ahead and use a player that joined the team 15 minutes ago?

    Well fucking played.

  14. xtala said:

    A player that actually registered just to play this match even.
    This is just getting better and better.

  15. SnowiE: -9w- - -9m- said:

    Can someone from TDS please contact an admin regarding this match.

  16. Master-1-: TDS said:

    Well, actually he is a registered member for a long time in our team in ESL. ( check out our team page: Also he played with us in division 4b, so he’s more or less as skilled as we are. Please recall that if you could have found a div 4 merc we would have gladly accepted it.

    Anyways, the thing is we thought that he was also a registered member in our etf2l group but sadly he forgot to join because we were still in the waiting list when league had started. So he thought we won’t be playing in etf2l. However, then we were added to the league all of a sudden, and things have worked this way that we had to call him to replace one of our usual lineup member.

    So, I’m sorry for the frustration you had to go through but, we also don’t want to get dominated by a higher skilled player.

  17. xtala said:

    It’s week 5.
    He did not play once this season, therefore I refuse to believe he is an active player.
    Certainly when you consider the fact that he has 1.5hours of tf2 in the last 2 weeks.

  18. xtala said:

    Point is, you would not let us use a div3 merc, you even asked what class our pub player would play. But you’re too fucking lazy/stupid/whatever reason you had, to let us know you’d be using an unregistered player. One that apparently only registered for this match only (see my previous posts).

    If you add that to the fact that we were nice enough to reschedule, even tho we could’ve claimed a default, and to the fact that you called me a liar then I guess you can guess why everyone in our team is pretty fucking pissed off at the way you behaved.

    (why is there no edit button in match comments?)

  19. Shabbaman: GoT<3 - HoT<3 said:


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