Season 5

Division 6c

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff



4 - 3

[Screenshots: N\A ]



8 - 0

[Screenshots: N\A ]

European BLITZ vs Spain Pajaros de Barro
6 - 0


  1. BLITZ Darkowl said:

    Hey there – how does Friday the 15th May at 21.00 CET for our match?

  2. [email protected]: PdB^^ said:

    we dont play fridays and saturdays. We can play if u want monday to thursday 21 or 22 cet or sundays 20-22 cet.

  3. BLITZ Darkowl said:

    How about Thursday 14th May at 21 CET then?

  4. [email protected]: PdB^^ said:

    perfect :D. If u want we can play in your server, just give me the info so we can get in on thursday.
    I book it now

  5. BLITZ Darkowl said:


    Our server is:
    Pw will be: etf2lmatch

  6. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    Please either enter the results of this match, or tell me why this wasn’t played and when you inted to do so.

  7. [email protected]: PdB^^ said:

    it was played, and we lose, so i guess the clan that wins is the one that have to upload the screens…
    Here u have the screens and the result in our web:

  8. Darkowl said:

    Hey there – I totally forgot about this one and it slipped under the radar.

    I have the screenshots, but I forgot to take one of the steam IDs. PdB, do you have this screenshot? I ask because otherwise I can’t enter the score.

  9. [email protected]: PdB^^ said:

    nope sorry :(

  10. Darkowl said:

    Oh bugger – this is one for the admins then. Sorry admins!

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