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Season 5

Division 1

Week 7

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

Finland Interrobang vs European Relic
0 - 6


  1. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 28 June 2009, 21:00 CET
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  2. Zipfel: PF said:


  3. Arie: (serveme.tf) - FB - [FB] said:

    stv: fakkelbrigade.eu:27026

  4. beta: RaWr :: said:

    I will try my best this evening to get some casting for this game.

  5. fer0: Enrique Iglesia said:

    good luck… and have fun:D

  6. Cabal: 50829 said:

    wut :O defwin?

  7. Morty: RG said:


  8. cami: LDLC.com said:

    omg …

  9. kEvNx: .#mtf said:

    really omg.. but tbh it’s standard for dignitas to take this way to beat someone who could beat them..

  10. Mick- said:

    yeah , cc won a lot of official games against us , so we took the default win.

  11. Agron: Relic said:

    ye man we were scared of losing. cc saying they’d have 6 for this game for yesterday adn then only glufse showing on the server and dicking about for 30mins had nothing to do with this default. We just remembered all the times crack beat us in an official and shuddered. (((

  12. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    I told darn on Wednesday on #tf2.team-finland that we won’t have ppl for Thursday and we’ll have to play next week. They refused to reschedule the ED final on Tuesday when kyynel had PC problems. Dignitas did a short notice reschedule for this same ETF2L match on Monday, and now they refuse to do the same when we ask.

    “We’ll win anyways” is a nice excuse. You guys rock!

  13. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    Especially considering that one of the maps in this maps would have been Well. You’ve won that twice this year against us on officials while I think we’ve played it something like six times. Seeing you did the very same thing against TCM last season and would have done it against us on Tuesday’s ED match, I’d say it’s pretty clear what you’ve been aiming for. GJ.

  14. Agron: Relic said:

    That’s a cool story m8. How nice of you not to mention the fact that we didnt resched tuesday because we knew we didnt want to play a finals game without appe and possibly without bybben. (Appe left for tcl early thursday and bybben wasnt sure if he could play thursday). Had that not been the case we would have rescheduled like you did monday.

    cc//Glufse: will you ge 6 from dignitas?
    cc//Glufse: get*
    dignitas/Mick: unsure AND YOU
    dignitas/Mick: :p
    cc//Glufse: we will get 6 from cc
    cc//Glufse: and we wont allow any mercs

    SO your telling of Darn on wednesday was kinda obsolete at this point. I reminded some cc people on wednesday night that we prolly wouldnt have 6 for thursday and crack replies with an obvious attempt at getting a default from us.

    So we turned up to the server with 6 and glufse joins at game time saying “i hope the others will come soon”. Glufse for a change failed at reading comprehension as he studied etf2l rules and thought that he could have the game forcibly rescheduled because of:

    “1.6.12 Abandoned matches has to be reconstructed”

    After makins us sit 30 mins with him on a server he quoted that rule and in response we left the server, talked to an admin and took a default.

    We have no sympathy for cc if they start acting like little children when something negative happens towards them. We would have rescheduled tuesday if it were possible. We _had_ some respect for cc because we didnt want to play an important game with them without our 1st lineup. Tuesday night it seemed cc would be able to field their best after all for thursday as hymzi hadnt quit yet and moose didnt have any computer problems.

    Also we agreed tuesday that if kyynel would crash alot in game and his computer problems would obviously cost cc the game, we could try again later even though _Enemy Down rules_ state that the finals’ date was FIXED and could NOT be rescheduled. In the end we played the ED finals without anyone from any team suffering from pc problems.

    I know some people in crack have troubles admitting that they just cant beat us usually and like to grasp to any excuse they find to shift the blame to that factor but I can only hope they…well grow up.

    gg m8ys.

  15. appz: wMiC? said:

    wp @ ukesa + ed finals

  16. Glufse: ?! said:

    We have no problem at all “admitting that they just cant beat us”.

    Doing a last-minute-reschedule vs us (that we were stupid enough to accept) and then we cant do the same last-minute-reschedule the next day, thats what this is about.

    The reason we had was valid and even tho we were lucky enough to not have kyynel crashing one time during the game we had already set our minds to NOT play the game and some of us had already starting to do other things when we realised we cant play with a crashing medic.

    You guys should know more than any other clan how demoralazing it is when someone fails (read: agron dies)

    I actually spoke to bybben and asked what the fuck they were doing not allowing us to reschedule the ED-final, he said (in swedish): “We are already hated by the whole community, so why should we?”.

    Thats a nice reply from an IRL-friend since many years back :)

    Its like ‘they’ say, “when there is money involved…”

    Cant blame you guys tho, i would probably (well, i will in the future) have done the same.

    Ive never had any respect for the finns in dignitas (for obvious reasons, haha) but i did have it for the swedes, but not anymore.

  17. appz: wMiC? said:

    nice blog

  18. Agron: Relic said:

    Glufse, did moose already find a scout to replace you? he’s been looking for one for a long time now :/

  19. Agron: Relic said:

    Oh and btw, without hymzi and punpu you guys are a div2 clan. I wouldnt count on you having many matches with us in the future ;(

  20. Glufse: ?! said:

    And thats how mature you guys are, cant even keep the conversation on a mature level :)

    But i can play your game aswell!

    Agron you have a fucking bracelet so you should just stfu

    And appz, you fail RAF so you can shut up even more

  21. Agron: Relic said:

    And you are just plain old ugly glu LOLOL

    oh btw. where can I talk to the UKeSA admins about your inappropriate behaviou in ukesa? I dont think it’s cool to give the middle finger straight at the tv. tut tut. not really professional.
    Would be a shame to lose your retainer for that :(

  22. Glufse: ?! said:

    Haha, out of ideas agron? ;)

    Isnt ODEE in the UKeSA council btw? He is probably the one to talk to.

  23. Agron: Relic said:


    Ah well, I’ll go admin-hunting if they ever confirm they will pay the e-monies. Wouldnt wanna waste my time for nothing ;(

  24. Agron: Relic said:

    and 1 last thing. We did appreciate that you could reschedule monday several hours before the game. We did, thanks for that.

    We also would have understood if you couldnt have rescheduled. We could have called teok and asked if he could have played, and he prolly could have. The point is we wouldnt have rage emoed for days like you guys, Moose and glufse to be specific, have done.

    Tuesday uou asked us to reschedule 5 minutes after the game was supposed to start and we had no proper place to resched this game to. We would have postponed the game for weeks, not really plausible considering ED rules stated the finals cant be postponed after the date was set.

    What bybben and whoever said to you glufse they did after you guys went hostile on us, like hymzi rage kicking darn and I from irc channel and Moose bitching and whining to us.

    and end rant.

  25. appz: wMiC? said:

    gg tho scores dont show how close it was

  26. iharhajster said:

    That’s what happens when you (ETF2L) let people to “schedule” their matches. Why not fix the matches entire season in advance? That’s why it is called fixtures ;)

    If you can’t play 1 match a week at certain time, who cares about you. Don’t participate in league.

  27. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    I have no idea what Glufse has been telling you on Thursday but like I said before, I told you on Wednesday that we will not have ppl on Thursday and thus the game needs to be moved to next week. Without my gfx card fan working, I couldn’t stay online for longer and hear your answer to that.

    If dignitas wants to be a clan that wins each season with a default win, that’s your choice. And that whole story about admitting we can’t beat you is bs and you know it very well yourself :)

    /end flame from my part.

  28. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    And that personal flame about us being in div2 and me looking for replacement for Glufse is just sad Agron. It doesn’t have anything to do with this issue so you shouldn’t really be going to such kindergarten level of argument. Besides, Glufse knows we were considering a Finnish player to replace him at some point because we openly discuss such matters inside our team. That was months ago and as you can see, Glufse is still in the team.

  29. Agron: Relic said:

    ye cool story m8. I know what your issue is and i understand it very well. The problem is that you seem to think we didnt reschedule because we were so desperate to win money or wanting to spite you. We did not (for the 3rd time I have to say this) reschedule because there was no way to do that with such a short notice.

    1. ED doesnt allow rescheduling of the finals after date is set.
    2. We do respect crack’s first lineup to such a degree that we dont want to play against you without our best lineup.
    3. Our best lineup was only available for tuesday this week and would prolly be available the next time in a 1,5 weeks or so.
    4. Mick and GLufse had this discussion thursday:

    cc//Glufse: will you ge 6 from dignitas?
    cc//Glufse: get*
    dignitas/Mick: unsure AND YOU
    dignitas/Mick: :p
    cc//Glufse: we will get 6 from cc
    cc//Glufse: and we wont allow any mercs

    5. This lead us to believe that cc would have 6 although you, Moose, said to Darn you wouldnt. How bout you use that “open discussion inside your team” next time to avoid this.
    6. We sat on the server thinking that we’d get to play you, we even warmed up for it. What we do get is Glufse acting like a dick and wasting our time. Behaviour like that doesnt really warm our hearts and make us want to reschedule
    7. If glufse hadnt said that you were going to play, we could have rescheduled for sunday, or next week because etf2l isn’t _that_ important as ED was. We were willing to use a rusty player for it.
    8.We can still end up not winning this season, we have 2 games left.

    So how about your sort out your own shit (read: glufse’s hissyfits) together and see our point of view in this. Hell you can even take solace in the fact that we were too scared of the big bad cc 1st lineup because we didnt want to play you with our best lineup. I dont really care, do w/e that helps you sleep at night.

    And please dont presume what I know or dont know myself. It’s true cc is a tough opponent occasionally and we do lose pcw’s to you. The only official crack has ever won against diggy was in the tftrue cup, 1 map on cp_well. That’s pretty well considering the game’s almost 2 years old. I’m proud of you m8.

  30. runtime said:

    Wow what a bunch of cocky nerds Dignitas

    Good luck YYT and CC, put their egos in check

  31. Agron: Relic said:

    Registered 2 hours ago
    SteamID N/A


  32. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    Ok, thanks for the explanation. Apparently Glufse had asked Mick to reschedule the game before that log you pasted but he had refused. Then Glufse thought we’d have 6 because he didn’t know Jambo would be gone for the night as well (even though I included it in my txt msg to him earlier :( ). I don’t agree with him making you to sit on the server while we only had 5 players available and flaming you. That clearly shouldn’t have happened but I guess he lost his temper after a second refusal to reschedule inside one week.


  33. appz: wMiC? said:

    Finland Crack Clan vs Team Dignitas European
    0 – 6

    to recap

  34. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    ** Default Win **

    to recap

  35. appz: wMiC? said:

    ukesa + ed

    to recap

  36. Agron: Relic said:

    ok thanks appz, that would be enough

    and ok Moose. Let’s just agree that both sides are at fault here.

  37. runtime said:


    I’m an American. I take a look at foreign scenes every now and then.

    From my perspective, you guys seem rather cocky. Mick saying Diggy is the best team in the world in the forum, and then you saying you can’t get beat even if you played the match.

    I got the same impression of Mad Dogz too, in their aus. forum, their players just go off about how they are unbeatable, unstoppable, and perfect even though they won their most recent final by a mere round.

    Here in NA, I never saw former Pandemic saying anything of the sort when they seemed unstoppable. On the contrary, their players were pretty humble, admitting that on any given night, they could have lost their matches, and that no match is easy.

    I think a big problem in every TF2 scene is people’s egos.

  38. Agron: Relic said:

    yes i figured you were a yank from your “world lan” comment in another thread.

    But if you dont follow the eu scene 24/7 you dont know what is flame and what is not. Mick is Mick and he’s been talking smack since 2007. No one takes him seriously on that regard, he doesnt even himself. Mick’s ego flames stem from the fact that this squad has played over 300 official games since 2007 and has lost about 10, give or take a few.

    But yes ofc this squad has lost games and will lose games in the future, it is inevitable. It’s just pathetic that have people who have no clue about what transpired (see kevnex’s post ^) make silly comments that imply we seek for defaults because we’d lose otherwise. And if you can’t seperate proper egoing from flames directed at some one, please just refrain from interfering.

  39. runtime said:

    Flames, ego, how is either acceptable?

  40. Mick- said:

    since 2007 agron? are you crazy , since 1999 , when i started TFC , ask Light or Teok they will tell you about it , i was way more arrogant back in the day :D

  41. Mick- said:

    probably because i was better @ TFC than TF2 mUAHAHAHA !

  42. hamza: vR - vR| said:

    Put a banana in your eaaaaaar!

  43. Agron: Relic said:

    runtime, welcome to the internet? new here?

  44. Rynex: FAB - nubs said:

    get out runtime

  45. Darn: rockit like said:


  46. Oggy said:

    you were always shit mick fucking french hacker

  47. GameFreak--: ep. - Be said:

    how old are u guyzs 11? :x

  48. Jambo: #10 said:

    Mitäs vittuu Agron, sähä oot urpompi ku AppZ :o

    Toivottavasti et iha tosissas ole, ihme vitun kusiaivo

  49. Agron: Relic said:

    No repee, mitä sä nappula oikee uliset? Reschedulointiin liittyneet seikat oli ihan faktaa, kaikki muut henkilökohtasuudet oli tietenki vaa provoomista ja flamee tota teiän ruottihinttaria kohtaan. Ihme vitun kusiaivo.

  50. Swifty: ξ(゜ヮ゜)ξ said:

    get out Rynex

  51. EXM said:

    lol nice e-drama! More of these please.

  52. methoD: Be said:

    “Oh and btw, without hymzi and punpu you guys are a div2 clan. I wouldnt count on you having many matches with us in the future ;(”
    damn man you computer nerds… you guys need to get a fucking life that’s what I say

  53. methoD: Be said:

    And thats how mature you guys are, cant even keep the conversation on a mature level :)

    But i can play your game aswell!

    “Agron you have a fucking bracelet so you should just stfu”

    hahahaha so predictable. Computer nerd with a bracelet.

  54. eoN^ said:


    Meh tbh all your doing is embarrasing yourself and giving us all e-drama to watch so please do keep it up :> I do tend to enjoy a lil e-drama.

  55. Agron: Relic said:


  56. Jh: Hey dats! said:

    i thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  57. Predz: [DA] - [DA] said:


  58. appe said:

    methoD mistook this thread for the “Top 10 insults of 2003” thread.

  59. codcrille: Fresh. said:

    Pro gaming looks pretty cool.

  60. indey: -[S2L] said:

    Please, go on.

  61. jaakkoo said:

    You’ve finished already? I bet that there’s still something, and hopefully a fistfight @ assembly or something ::

  62. Slick: Epsilon said:

    /me takes a peek

  63. Pace: [j]\\\' - [j]' said:

    Orka cpl

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