Highlander Cup #2


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by perry (Hey that's!)



1 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

European Hey that's! vs Russia LOL Team highlander
2 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Hey that's! (7) Tuna, Sturmis, Mole, Predz, Jh, F2, perry
LOL Team highlander (8) CERBER, hamster^, mihalch, TroX, Muzzy, Goose, Supreme Being, Mirelin
Unrostered (3) on1k, dunc, Rubber Johnny


  1. perry: [MIPC] said:

    when do you guys want to play?

  2. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    maybe next week? lets say – wednsday or thursday (22 / 23 or april) 20 – 21 CET will suite us.

  3. perry: [MIPC] said:

    not possible for us to play at that time, most of us play actively in tf2 teams and have matches and stuff :F

    Couldn’t you guys do like sunday 19cet, best time for us

  4. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    well. so we have no choise? lets do it on sunday then. 20CET

  5. perry: [MIPC] said:

    Like i said, impossible for us to play at around 20-22cet, all of us play in different tf2 teams and we can’t cancel our pcws as easily as you can!=)

    Needs to be either at 19cet or 23cet sunday-thursday, can prolly play on weekends as well!=)

  6. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    okok. looks like we havnt much choise. we cant play at 19cet on min-thu without any warmup.. and 23cet is already deep night here. so sunday 19cet. we`ll be waiting you.

  7. perry: [MIPC] said:


  8. perry: [MIPC] said:

    connect ; password tmgamers

    We’ll be waiting, we have to start at 19cet.

  9. perry: [MIPC] said:

    waited 10 minutes between the maps, they didn’t want to ready up with 8 and as we had informed them before the beginning of the game that we had to start at 19cet they still came 12 minutes late, we’re taking the default!

    Won the first map.

  10. Mr Peckerston: Hey dats! said:

    Hey that’s! won map 1, and took the default on map 2 due to LOL team refusing to field a team after 10 minutes’ delay


  11. SonnY BlacK: (Legend) - SUAVE said:

    Lamest game known by mankind.
    LOL is afraid of losing, so they’re delaying the 2nd map again and again, because they know Hey dats has some time pressure, due to league matches.
    Lame, really lame. Boo you tbh…

  12. perry: [MIPC] said:

    got the demos to back this and dunc should have the serverlogs as well, pretty sure they were just delaying on purpose as well =)

  13. perry: [MIPC] said:

    agreed with lol to reschedule 2nd and maybe 3rd map for later!

  14. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    and please, next time be ready to play 1/2 final and try to keep your abusements for yourself.

  15. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    btw. gg for the first map.

  16. Tuna: DCSB - Hey dats! said:

    We were ready to play. You were the ones breaking the rules, which gave us the right for a default:

    Additionally, after a map change the teams get 10 minutes to organize, starting when the first player joins the server. The same default win situation is in effect here, however only for the map concerned, not for the entire match.

  17. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    and if you`ll be more accurate in calculating the time – you wont left BEFORE this 10 minutes. If you wonna continue this useless talk – we could claim default on you. So please, As i said – be more gentle.

  18. perry: [MIPC] said:

    So we have this little problem here, Hey that’s can play 18, 19, 23, 24 cet, prolly at 17cet as well. LOL are trying to force us to play at 20-21cet, they know it’s pretty damn near impossible for us as we have players from about 7 different teams, nearly everybody has officials all the time. They say they can only play during 20-21 cet, yet somehow they managed to start the game today (sunday) at 19cet.

    In between the map change we waited 10 minutes, and decided to claim the default, but in the end we decided that we would reschedule instead, kind-hearted as we are.

    I do not want to win this by default by any means, i want to be able to play this game at a time when we dont have just 5 players available!= )

    Asking admins for more time so we can play it next sunday 19cet, as it seems team LOL could play at 19cet this sunday, so why not next? :)

  19. Supreme Being: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    > In between the map change we waited 10 minutes

    You mentioned we have started 12 min after 19cet (which is allowed by the rules), the first map lasted 47 minutes. That makes 59 minutes. Thus, the end of 10 minutes delay also allowed by the rules will be at 20:09cet. Your post appeared here at 20:08cet.

    Let’s make it absolutely clear – you have NOT waited 10 minutes, you left the server before the time ran out. That also means that you can not claim default in this case.

  20. F2 :]: Danmark said:

    The point is that you are forcing us to play at a time where you know we haven’t got a team. mihalch mentioned ingame that this is an ‘official’ – yes, but it is also a fun cup. FUN. Hence the serious 6v6 matches are more important and those are almost always played in the time span 20-23 CEST. To be honest there should be a rule about fun cups stating that fun cup matches can be forced to be played outside 20-23 CEST if one team wishes so.

  21. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    I didn`t get your last message F2. If you can`t play – dont do it. As i told you – its your problem, and only yours.

    Perry: yes – we cant start playing important matches like this outside mentioned time interval. So you wonna play it next sunday 19CET i suppose? Lets wait head admin decision on allowing us to do it. If it will be granted – we will play at this date. Overwise – its up on you to find the date you can play (monday – thursday 20 – 21CET)

    On the over hand, as i told you on irc – we can try start at 19CET – just tell me then, and I`ll figure out.

  22. Tuna: DCSB - Hey dats! said:

    Supreme Being, calculating the time waited isn’t really that accurate. Instead, looking at a demos would perhaps be a more appropriate way of checking how long we waited after the first map was over.

  23. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    Tuna, u are insist on calculating time?

  24. Haunter said:

    “You mentioned we have started 12 min after 19cet (which is allowed by the rules), the first map lasted 47 minutes. That makes 59 minutes. Thus, the end of 10 minutes delay also allowed by the rules will be at 20:09cet. Your post appeared here at 20:08cet.”

    the game was over at 19:52, i looked at clock to see how much time i had left to play, by the rules “teams get 10 minutes to organize, starting when the first player joins the server.”, counting your 1st player joining the server, we waited 12-15min

  25. Supreme Being: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    > the game was over at 19:52

    This means nothing as ur clock might be wrong, for example.

    Let’s try again. 15 min initial delay allowed by the rules, 10 min delay between maps also allowed by the rules plus the first map lasted 47 mins. That makes 1 hour 12 minutes. The match time was 19cet, that makes 20:12cet the deadline.

    Post from perry appeared here 4 minutes before that time was over, meaning u have quit the server even earlier. This is objective, while ur clock readings is not.

  26. Haunter said:

    some clock has to be right, and that doesnt even matter and i can explain u why

    game ended at 19:52, move server takes around 2-3 min, your first player joined, starts counting should be around 19:55 in my clock, i left server near 20:10, u can say whatever u want about my clock

    but if your clock is 20:00 when game ended, then it was 20:03 when u 1st player joined our, and 20:17 when i left server :D

  27. Predz: [DA] - [DA] said:

    “Overwise – its up on you to find the date you can play (monday – thursday 20 – 21CET)”

    Doesnt say in the rules we have to play at these days / times does it ?

    What if we want to play between 2am – 4am..

    Is it up to you to find a day you can play within these times?

  28. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    Predz: Do we have any choise? give it to us. We`ll make it.

  29. perry: [MIPC] said:

    I am quite fine playing at sunday 19cet, any word from some admin if we can do it

    And just btw, i’ve already watched both the demos for hoodoo and goldrush, at the end of goldrush we waited about 3 minutes for you to change map, you didn’t, so we changed server. In the beginning of when we joined tmg server we waited 9 Minutes 30 seconds and you still refused to ready up :F By my maths that makes over 10 minutes! =)

  30. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    We have permission to play this sunday. Lets do it. 19CET. hoodoo.

  31. perry: [MIPC] said:

    kk :)

  32. perry: [MIPC] said:

    connect ; password tmgamers

    see you there at 19cet!

  33. F2 :]: Danmark said:


  34. Jh: Hey dats! said:


  35. perry: [MIPC] said:

    hey dats won both maps!

    Finals fuck yeah

  36. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    wp mr Bond.

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