Season 4

Division 5a


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by eQui (Chancy Team)



0 - 2

[Screenshots: A B ]



0 - 8

[Screenshots: A B ]

Sweden Staggeringly Vast Gurka* vs Ukraine Chancy Team
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Staggeringly Vast Gurka* (5) Frillan som e glad, victor.., Pr0nnis, Naycon, sOze
Chancy Team (6) asqz, Music Guru, Sagara, eQui, nadan, Skillz
Unrostered (1) Fossen


  1. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Match generated. Get in contact and schedule this match. GL & HF

  2. Skillz said:

    Hello there:) Can we play on saturday 11th at 20-00 CET? Our server

  3. ilikepoo: Gurka* said:

    Sorry for the late reply but we can’t play then. Most of my team is on easter vacation. Can we wait till after the easter?

    How about thursday the 16:th?

  4. Skillz said:

    :)we celebrate easter on next weekend…maybe wednesday 15th? cause on thursday we may have some squad problems

  5. sOze: Gurka* - Gurka* said:

    Wednesday woun’t work for us, cause then we will have squad problems.

    @ilikepoo: What days other then thursday works for us?

  6. Skillz said:

    As I say on these weekend we celebrate easter, so only one day remains, its friday…on friday we have ESL match at 20-00 CET, and can play with you nearly 21-10 CET, ok?

  7. ilikepoo: Gurka* said:

    Friday sounds great! Booze and etf2l… coudn’t be better. Se you friday then! 21 CET.

  8. eQui: ff! said:


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