Season 4

Division 3c

Week 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by lala (Nameless TF2 Squad)

Default Win

Russia Nameless TF2 Squad vs International Fake|LP|
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A


Nameless TF2 Squad (4) TuK, lala, Pron, motor
Fake|LP| (5) Dartagnan, LooNiiGooN, swoorn, Master, Archy
Unregistered (1) Fake ? ?NightHawk- |
Unrostered (2) monetko, blw


  1. BloW: element // said:

    hello mates , when do you prefer to play ??

  2. Masther: Actimel said:

    Maybe we can play on 5th Feb. at 20.00 cet. What do you think ?

  3. BloW: element // said:

    one of our members can’t play until 7th feb , so can we play 7th or 8th / 9th ?

  4. Masther: Actimel said:

    Ohhh I didnt see that. So maybe Sunday 8th of February 20 cet. I’m not sure but I will ask the rest can they play on that date.

  5. lala said:

    ok, if u can’t play this sunday, how about 9th of February 20 cet? or even later

  6. Masther: Actimel said:

    but we can and want to play this sunday tomorrow we will play other league and tonite is deadline ;]

    guys I even choose tonite matchdate – i dont know why didnt you accept it

  7. Pron said:


  8. Masther: Actimel said:


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