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Highlander Season 26: Home

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Welcome to our 26th Season of Highlander!

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Season Schedule

  • Signups: 28th February – 16th March 21:00 CET (Premiership signups will close early, on March 8th at 21:00 CET)
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: 17th March
  • Publishing of Final Divisions: 19th March
  • Premiership Qualifiers: 11th March – 17th March
  • Main Season:  20th March – 23rd April
  • Playoffs: 24th April – 15th May

Map pool

The following maps are already confirmed for the season.

Map Rotation

Prizepool Update

gold medal – €270
silver medal – €180


The whitelist does not have any changes compared to the Season 25. It can be found here: https://whitelist.tf/etf2l_9v9_s26


From this season on we will be including the plugin to change the Iron Bomber’s pipe hitbox size to that of the regular grenade launcher (sm_override_pipe_size 4.0).

The enabled plugins are the following, as long as you run the latest ETF2L config these will all be enabled:

  • The random variable in fall damage calculation will be removed (sm_deterministic_fall_damage 1).
  • Mediguns that are dropped while the ubercharge is active will be emptied (sm_empty_active_ubercharges_when_dropped 1).
  • Crossbow bolts will no longer pass through teammates when in close range (sm_fix_ghost_crossbow_bolts 1).
  • Gameplay state that changed because of the UserCmd handling bug will be restored to what it was before the pause.(sm_fix_post_pause_state 1).
  • Players won’t stop while sliding on slopes anymore (sm_fix_slope_bug 1).
  • Stickies will no longer fail to detonate when swapping weapons (sm_fix_sticky_delay 1).
  • Clients will not be able to use the extendfreeze command. This prevents some information leak, players can use this command after dying to spectate their killer in third person (sm_inhibit_extendfreeze 1).
  • All pipes will have their collider resized to the set value in Hammer Units (sm_override_pipe_size 4.0).
  • Projectiles will pass through teammates, but not friendly buildings (sm_projectiles_ignore_teammates 1).
  • No souls will be spawned during the Halloween holiday events (sm_remove_halloween_souls 1).
  • Gunboats resistance will apply even if the explosion hurts an enemy (sm_gunboats_always_apply 1).
  • The Winger’s jump bonus will only take effect when the weapon is fully deployed (sm_winger_jump_bonus_when_fully_deployed 1).

Futher explanation, and other plugins can be found on France TwiiKuu‘s Github.