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Highlander Season 1: Awards

Division 1

1st SouthKorea SNSD

2nd Russia Ki11ERS.PRO

3rd European May Contain Nuts

Division 2A

1st Spain 27

2nd UnitedStates euro destroyers

3rd European le leglesslegolegolas xD

Division 2B

1st Lithuania Chior Tai

2nd European Parrot Gapers

3rd Russia Ilita

Division 3A


2nd UnitedStates Gangsta Gang Gaming

3rd UnitedStates Team Player

Division 3B

1st International [<3]

2nd Norway

3rd Russia Panopticon

Division 3C

1st Russia Starlight

2nd European Fritzl's Dungeon

3rd Russia Unstoppable

Division 3D

1st International Team div2 + chaplain on engie

2nd Sweden Elbonia National Team

2nd European KritzKast: Distinguished Ducks

2nd European Crack Clan Highlander

Division 4A

1st Russia Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

2nd European Tim!

3rd Poland Reconnect Power Highlander

Division 4B

1st UnitedStates Brotherhood of Slaughter

2nd UnitedStates Exodus Society

3rd Canada A Tin Team

Division 4C

1st International Pandamonium

2nd Germany n2o goes Highlander


Division 4D

1st Italy Audere Semper eSport Highlander

2nd Spain How I met your Medic

3rd European Man, I like fridges.

3rd European The Handbags

Division 4E

1st Finland Sisuprkl

2nd European

3rd Russia Highland Stage Team

Division 4F

1st Croatia Guru training with Yoda

2nd Bulgaria Man1a Crew

3rd Italy Hijacking Fellas

Division 4G

1st France PyRo|GEN Highlander

2nd Finland Melkei Team OS

3rd European no name neded

Division 4H

1st European Bacon


3rd European Team Colonslash: Crash

Division 5A

1st Russia Tomato Juice

2nd Russia Lowpen eSports

3rd Russia Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Division 5B

1st UnitedStates Ducksoup Gaming

2nd UnitedStates Here It Goes Again

3rd Germany Shitnerds

Division 5C

1st Russia Kazminators

2nd Ukraine RedϟBlack

3rd European Click It Down New Highlander Team

Division 5D

1st Lithuania Eat lightning and crap thunder

2nd European Nine Nasty Noobies

3rd France Team §§ Tidam

Division 5E

1st European Furious Wookiez

2nd European Spice Marines Extreme Culinary Squad

3rd European Pending...

Division 5F

1st Turkey haylander

2nd Belarus Free Fire!

3rd International Facepunch UK

Division 5G

1st European Buylander

2nd France Osmoz'

3rd Germany Dead Man Sells HL

Division 5H

1st France Useless Crew

2nd Spain Team Dicknitas

3rd Finland timed out. Highlander

Division 5I

1st Germany Team 4 Friends Highlander

2nd Lithuania BANZAI

3rd France Only Cheats !

Division 5J

1st European We Want Fun

2nd European #SDW

3rd European Hampshire Heavies Highlander

Division 5K

1st European Easy Going

2nd Hungary FLaK

3rd France Little Bastard Clan

Division 5L

1st UnitedStates Labcoat Gamers (Intellegent Calcium)

2nd UnitedStates lolgg

3rd Canada Boolet Goes Where?!

Division 5M

1st France La Rache

2nd Estonia playmate

3rd European Armed Young Eagles

3rd Portugal Do not Disturb! Highlander Team ^^

Division 6A


2nd Russia Public Heroes

3rd Russia Team Concrete

Division 6B

1st UnitedStates The Magnificent Nine

2nd Canada Freefrag Frag Bag

3rd UnitedStates No Clue

3rd UnitedStates Elite Battle Monkeys

Division 6C

1st Spain chococlack

2nd Romania Team Fortress 2 Romania 1 2011

3rd Ukraine seriousname

Division 6D

1st Russia FREE 2 GAY

2nd European Vanilla Existence

3rd Russia Nova Team

Division 6E

1st Russia Orbit Fruittini

2nd Russia Unbalanced

3rd Russia Sandviches

Division 6F

1st UnitedStates Magical Girls Represent

2nd UnitedStates Herpetologist Highlanders

3rd UnitedStates The Almost Goods

Division 6G

1st UnitedStates r/treesfortress

2nd UnitedStates The Unstoppable Force of Friendship

3rd UnitedStates D9

Division 6H

1st UnitedStates Gay Robots

2nd UnitedStates Computer and Console Gaming Society

3rd UnitedStates HOUSE OF /V/IRGINS BRO-OP

Division 6I

1st Brazil BerSerKers Brasil

2nd UnitedStates Rooks & Kings

3rd International Scarlet's Angels

Division 6J

1st Finland Highlander tiimi

2nd European Team Fortress Wiki

2nd European Science Highlander

3rd Spain Opciones!

3rd Poland Strefa Gier Delta

Division 6K

1st European The Red, The Blue, and The Hatless

2nd Spain NineLander

2nd Latvia Unusual Methods

Division 6L

1st Poland Chłopaki ze Stajni

2nd European Friendship is Magic

3rd European Tunnel Vision

Division 6M

1st European Putismagic

2nd Finland Hatception

3rd Poland Dancing Toasters of Doom

3rd Portugal Verdadeira Legiao Highlander

Division 6N

1st European Covenant of the Ark

2nd European Ze October Schweinhunds

3rd International The Furry Pound

Division 6O

1st Poland Team Paradise

2nd Poland 4Queens

3rd International The Nigel Thornberry Experience

Division 6P

1st Lithuania DIG Deep

2nd European The Owl Exterminators

3rd Poland Team New Life

Division 6Q

1st Kazakhstan OmchesWhoLose

2nd UnitedKingdom cLanda

3rd Poland ONE

Division 6R

1st Russia The Masters of Arena

2nd Poland Why U Try?!

3rd Bulgaria Undisputed Bombs of Bombenstein

Division 6S

1st European Complete Waste of Time

2nd Poland Max-Play Highlander Team

3rd European Team Gibus

Division 6T

1st International Playstuff

2nd Germany CWCLAN-Community

3rd CzechRepublic internetshouldbeillegal