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Highlander Throwback Cup: Awards

Division 1

1st Finland moro moro


3rd Poland Fishermen With Passion

3rd International The fresh pills from bel air

Division 2A

3rd UnitedStates Yanking Hazard

Division 2B

1st Israel Sharty

2nd Estonia Ice cool Jacket

3rd UnitedKingdom ANGLO 2024

Division 3

1st France Gaeta eSports : Legacy

2nd Poland BMP

3rd England #meerclan

3rd Hungary Habib's Special Forces

Division 4

1st International Grandpa Gamers

2nd Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity

3rd European Just a Rabbit

3rd European ThunderBirbs sponsored by PostalDude™

Division 5A

1st Russia Avangard

3rd European Architects Of Doom

Division 5B

2nd European DemonKnights

3rd Hungary #freerapy keep yourself safe

Division 6A

3rd UnitedStates LowTierGods

3rd International Unbanned garden

Division 6B

2nd European Goofy Goobers Inc.

Division 6C

1st UnitedStates Massive Legends Here