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Season 9: Awards

Premier Division

1st Netherlands FakkelBrigade

2nd European TCM Gaming

3rd Israel K1ck eSports

Division 1

1st Portugal eQuilibrium

2nd European HolyShit!

2nd International smooth criminals

Division 2a

1st Finland The MIPC Organization

2nd European Visualize Your Enmity

3rd Germany n2o-gaming.TF2

Division 2b

1st France Punchline

2nd Azerbaijan Dont Shoot the Medic

3rd Denmark Frømandskorpset

Division 3a

1st European Team Yoyotech

2nd Sweden Kno i Horn

3rd Sweden To Be Announced

Division 3b

1st Spain Ace of Spades

2nd Norway Team Effort

3rd International What's in the boX?

Division 3c

1st Russia Team Versus

2nd France

3rd Sweden HordeofQuotes

Division 4a

1st Russia Barmatuhi

2nd European LagTastic Gaming

3rd Germany EYECANDY

Division 4b

1st Germany Last 6 again please

2nd Russia Unstoppable

3rd Germany Triple A

Division 4c

1st Portugal fm-eSports.tf2

2nd Egypt Elite nile Gunners

3rd France RELAPSE! Gaming

Division 4d

1st Russia BblMneJl

2nd European Defiant Gaming

3rd Finland Roasted Baby Pirates

Division 4e

1st Latvia 2stronk

2nd Russia Crucial Team

2nd France PunchLine!

Division 4f

1st England 9 Men

2nd European Crack Clan // Blue

3rd European EASY TARGET

Division 5a

1st International Rest in peace, gentle Jedis.

2nd Netherlands Team Dynamic

3rd European

Division 5b

1st European Please Shoot the Medic

2nd Portugal Team ARA

3rd Poland six angry men

Division 5c

1st Italy Fragga`s fellas

2nd Egypt KnG! Elite Nile Gunners #2

3rd International to be named

Division 5d

1st Germany The Force A-Nature Cooperation

2nd Germany Time 4 Fisting

3rd Finland Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Division 5e

1st Hungary Team Ronnytech

2nd CzechRepublic imPerial

3rd Finland Peltikanat

Division 5f

1st European Audere Semper eSports

2nd International neXt

3rd Germany

Division 5g

1st Ukraine semper idem

2nd European unity_

3rd Russia blaze

Division 5h

1st Russia Public Power

2nd Russia Yummy Elite Sausages

3rd European Team Colonslash: Dinosaurs

3rd England Incapable of Real Sports

Division 5i

1st Spain Arx Imperators

2nd Germany n2o injection

3rd Hungary Look out !

Division 5j

1st France To be continued...

2nd Finland Simon's Liver Casserole

3rd France Punchline! Moustache

Division 6a

1st France diSPlay Gaming

2nd European Colin McRae Pro Amateur Hour

3rd France That's What We Want !

Division 6b

1st European d-d-Did I Stutter?

2nd European rage.EU

3rd European Six Silly Somethings

Division 6c

1st France Mistral.Tt

1st International Moosecakes Bum

3rd Lithuania [OOC] Team

Division 6d

1st France PheniX-Gaming

1st Germany .fest

3rd Russia True loboQ team

Division 6e

1st Russia Excen Team

2nd Germany HerbsArmy BLU


Division 6f

1st Russia High Fidelity

2nd Estonia Les Miserabablebles

3rd International Buy More

Division 6g

1st Germany who is?

2nd Germany The Good Guys!

3rd European No Toilet Breaks

Division 6h

1st Russia Foxhound

2nd Japan Aria Company

3rd European DeadLine

Division 6i

1st Belarus aviS

2nd Malaysia Dropped

3rd Russia 9 Team

Division 6j

1st European Aftershock Gaming

2nd European Proton

3rd European Dutchnet Familiars

Division 6k

1st European CiC Core

2nd Turkey Bleeding Edge

3rd Russia Stage Team

Division 6l

1st Latvia Deux bords

2nd European Fenneks eSports

3rd European The Project