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Season 8 Powered by SteelSeries: Awards

Premier Division

1st European Epsilon eSports

2nd Germany Marco FTW

3rd Finland Team Dignitas

Division 1

1st International Monster Munch

2nd Russia unexist

3rd Netherlands Paroxysm

Division 2a

1st Russia International Secret Intelligence Servic

2nd Spain knock0ut

3rd Russia XEN Team

Division 2b

1st Russia Only Rockets Love You

2nd Germany n2o-gaming.TF2

3rd Spain Dimegioclub

Division 3a

1st Germany Trick17

2nd European Power Gaming EU

3rd Ukraine Team KORE

Division 3b

1st European enixe

2nd Germany ze Dummkopfs

3rd France iCon esport

Division 3c

1st European I Don't Know?

2nd European aNimus Gaming

3rd European SMACK!

3rd Russia Aqeze

Division 4a

1st Norway Team Effort

2nd Russia Anger Management

3rd France insΛne Team

Division 4b

1st European KOALAPUNCH

2nd European elemental violence

3rd Iceland Bløød ïs Gøød - Retired Edition

Division 4c

1st Russia Element

2nd European renoB

3rd Croatia Guru Gaming

Division 4d

1st Sweden To Be Announced

2nd Finland foldbitten

3rd France Lapinou Team

Division 4e

1st Azerbaijan Dont Shoot the Medic

2nd Latvia Casus Belli

3rd International What's in the boX?

Division 4f

1st Hungary Redstars

2nd Finland Team OS

3rd Russia Team Versus

Division 5a

1st Latvia 2stronk

2nd European Team Colonslash

3rd Latvia Pointless

Division 5b

1st Germany Dropped :(

2nd Russia Combat-Folk

3rd Turkey Cosa Nostra

Division 5c

1st CzechRepublic FoWlded

2nd Egypt Elite nile Gunners

3rd Italy GFM Clan

Division 5d

1st Russia Unstoppable

2nd Italy Entropy Team

3rd Israel Division Of Justice

Division 5e

1st France LDLC.com

1st Sweden Kno i Horn

3rd England 9 Men

Division 5f

1st Germany Trick17 Black

2nd Germany Drunken Angels Unstoppable

3rd Russia PLUR Team

Division 5g

1st France PunchLine!

2nd France TouchMy

3rd France Punchline! Moustache

Division 5h

1st England nervousENERGY BLU

2nd France RELAPSE! Gaming

3rd Germany Time 4 Fisting

Division 5i

1st Denmark Actility

2nd European Team Yoyotech

3rd Scotland Continuity

Division 5j

1st European LagTastic Gaming

2nd Turkey Default Win e-Sports

3rd Lithuania Team Vay

Division 6a

1st European EASY TARGET

2nd Hungary DarkSouls

3rd Russia Harmful Hamsters

Division 6b

1st England 9 Men Lite

2nd Scotland /ier - Shiny Moffat edition

3rd European Come Thru Move

3rd Belarus ahrenznaet

Division 6c

1st European Team Colonslash: Dinosaurs

1st Finland Penguins Can Fly

3rd Egypt KnG! Elite Nile Gunners #2

Division 6d

1st Hungary Dunapataj

2nd Sweden Retarded Junkies

3rd Russia Who Dares Wins

Division 6e

1st Finland Zombies Ate My Neighbors

2nd International cleveridiot

3rd Scotland Can't Shoot The Medic

Division 6f

1st European Dakka, OCD Edition

2nd European Moustache Gaming

3rd European Racked.eu

Division 6g

1st Germany Explicit-Content!

2nd European No Pants No Lag

3rd Romania Green Syndicate

Division 6h

1st European 2dradar

2nd International to be named

3rd Russia BblMneJl

Division 6i

1st Germany The Force A-Nature Cooperation

2nd European Turntable Crusaders

3rd Italy Team Extreme

Division 6j

1st France ENERGETIC

2nd Finland Susi

3rd International Who Dares... Grins

Division 6k

1st Hungary Look out !

2nd Russia R.E.D. Team

3rd European Rainbow Rockers

Division 6l

1st European Gathering of Tweakers Team 2

2nd Germany Team 4 Friends

3rd France Colorz.mTx