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Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Grand Finals 
UnitedKingdom bedbugs         
 UnitedKingdom bedbugs3      
Hungary kofola master race3Hungary kofola master race0      
Russia Casual Police0  UnitedKingdom bedbugs3    
European Mayonnaise Dealers Fun   European Gorgeous Gamers0    
 European Mayonnaise Dealers Fun0      
European Gorgeous Gamers3European Gorgeous Gamers3      
TrinidadTobago the braindead bunch0    UnitedKingdom bedbugs3  
Morocco keep your creamy buns out of my face     Poland penguins.tf0  
 Morocco keep your creamy buns out of my face3      
Germany SuperLecker3Germany SuperLecker0      
Peru Fun Team0  Morocco keep your creamy buns out of my face0    
Russia ucraine хуле   Poland penguins.tf3    
 Russia ucraine хуле0      
Poland penguins.tf3Poland penguins.tf3      
Finland Syva hiljaisuus0      UnitedKingdom bedbugs0
Uruguay Cup       European Politically correct pander3
 Uruguay Cup3      
International tailless amphibian eat baguette0European Kachow!0      
European Kachow!3  Uruguay Cup0    
European Politically correct pander   European Politically correct pander3    
 European Politically correct pander3      
European Garbage But Keen0International pwn!0      
International pwn!3    European Politically correct pander3  
Seychelles Midnight 6s     Seychelles Midnight 6s0  
 Seychelles Midnight 6s3      
Estonia Sweaty Vanguard Estonia Sweaty Vanguard0      
   Seychelles Midnight 6s3    
Iceland Ringo   Latvia rip boys, nice memes0    
 Iceland Ringo0      
Latvia rip boys, nice memes Latvia rip boys, nice memes3