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Basketball 2on2 Cup #6 - Knockout Stage Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
UnitedKingdom Why are we even a team?3          
Syria The Pooper Scoopers0UnitedKingdom Why are we even a team?3        
Jamaica SZCZUPAC0Russia dva pidora s PTU0        
Russia dva pidora s PTU3  UnitedKingdom Why are we even a team?3      
Japan かわいい3  Japan かわいい0      
Turkey Team Merkelsommer0Japan かわいい3        
SouthKorea 체코 어 및 핀란드어3SouthKorea 체코 어 및 핀란드어0        
CzechRepublic Lopaty0    UnitedKingdom Why are we even a team?0    
Poland R u proud mum?0    European 4fun3    
Montenegro cazzo COLOSSALE Gaming3Montenegro cazzo COLOSSALE Gaming0        
European 4fun3European 4fun3        
European Majogari0  European 4fun3      
Finland snorkmaidens3  CzechRepublic kamen, orech a kapuca0      
UnitedKingdom nando's on the way home0Finland snorkmaidens0        
Uganda smorc0CzechRepublic kamen, orech a kapuca3        
CzechRepublic kamen, orech a kapuca3      European 4fun0  
CzechRepublic Tchibo3      European bball tWINs9  
Latvia What Do You Mean?0CzechRepublic Tchibo3        
Uganda Manlet support group3Uganda Manlet support group0        
Russia EU BBall Elite Ballmasters0  CzechRepublic Tchibo3      
Russia тупой вуди0  CzechRepublic DM gods0      
UnitedStates We Be Ballin3UnitedStates We Be Ballin0        
CzechRepublic DM gods3CzechRepublic DM gods3        
CzechRepublic memeri0    CzechRepublic Tchibo0    
Uganda Phineas and Ferb3    European bball tWINs3    
Japan kola on weeb0Uganda Phineas and Ferb0        
Israel Mehabel0European bball tWINs3        
European bball tWINs3  European bball tWINs3      
Japan Itacze sponsored by noot.com3  Japan Itacze sponsored by noot.com0      
Spain mvlehti eSports0Japan Itacze sponsored by noot.com3        
Finland ¥ R4SK4UD3N ¥ JUM4L4T ¥3Finland ¥ R4SK4UD3N ¥ JUM4L4T ¥0        
European Two Tapirs0        European bball tWINs6
France French Faggot3        England hoopshot boys3
International Salty Brit ft. Other Gamer0France French Faggot0        
Ireland pls no german server3Ireland pls no german server3        
European 2 Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)0  Ireland pls no german server0      
International Arctic Ballers3  International Arctic Ballers3      
Slovenia BOOM JIKE: THE SEQUEL0International Arctic Ballers3        
European Toto - Africa3European Toto - Africa0        
Japan Go Go Nippon ft.morti0    International Arctic Ballers0    
European Patatas Bravas BBall0    Russia m1xwell + 13    
UnitedArabEmirates Gorr is a God3UnitedArabEmirates Gorr is a God0        
Ukraine 6oLLlu He cTpeJl9u l7o l7upocaM0TrinidadTobago moby_peso_and_dani3        
TrinidadTobago moby_peso_and_dani3  TrinidadTobago moby_peso_and_dani0      
Russia m1xwell + 13  Russia m1xwell + 13      
Seychelles m1xwell + 13        
European Stop Steal My Ammo Pack3European Stop Steal My Ammo Pack0        
International e-LEMON-ators0      Russia m1xwell + 10  
Hungary ESCape3      England hoopshot boys9  
Finland saakeli0Hungary ESCape3        
Scotland Med mains on Soldier3Scotland Med mains on Soldier0        
Algeria K-BASH0  Hungary ESCape0      
CzechRepublic L00sers0  England hoopshot boys3      
BosniaHerzegovina I don't eat ass, I get my ass ate3BosniaHerzegovina I don't eat ass, I get my ass ate0        
Poland Los Angeles Lakers0England hoopshot boys3        
England hoopshot boys3    England hoopshot boys3    
Japan 2 debile0    International Whites0    
Poland chlopaki0International The Pyrates0        
International The Pyrates3  Ukraine GLORY TO UKRAINE0      
International sry im new0  International Whites3      
Netherlands Sowilo Rune3Netherlands Sowilo Rune0        
International Whites3International Whites3        
International the SOLDIER!!!1!s0