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Winter Cup Map Open Group Playoffs Tree

Round 1 Sat 19:00  Quarter Finals Sat 21:00  Semi Finals Sun 19:00  Grand Finals Sun 21:00  
European CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan6          
European 9~Volt0 European CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan6       
Poland teamfortress to powazny esport0 Russia Fahrenheit 4510       
Russia Fahrenheit 4516    European CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan6    
UnitedStates King Trump 2.00    European DigyBeef0    
European DigyBeef6 European DigyBeef6       
Zimbabwe still got the badge still got the gun6 Zimbabwe still got the badge still got the gun0       
European Resident6Sleeper0       European CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan6 
CzechRepublic Shit Talkers0       Norway L3RDZ0 
European Freelancing Astronauts6 European Freelancing Astronauts0       
Hungary kofola master race6 Hungary kofola master race6       
Ireland Clinical autism0    Hungary kofola master race3    
CzechRepublic cruel.Beasts0    Norway L3RDZ6    
Italy Low Open Lawyers6 Italy Low Open Lawyers0       
Norway L3RDZ6 Norway L3RDZ6       
International cider > ramzy0