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Season 7 powered by SteelSeries: Awards

Division 1

1st European Epsilon eSports

2nd European TCM Gaming

3rd European Relic

Division 2a

1st European broder

2nd European Fabulous

3rd Sweden Northwave

Division 2b

1st Germany rockit

2nd Spain Mister

3rd European Precursors of Death

Division 3a

1st Russia Yummy Elite Sausages2

2nd Spain Dimegioclub

3rd Russia XEN Team

Division 3b

1st International Team Vertex - Retired Edition

2nd European Fragmative

3rd Russia Only Rockets Love You

Division 3c

1st Russia Last Man Standing

2nd Russia HoverCrabs

3rd European International Special Force

Division 3d

1st Portugal The Conquers

2nd Russia unexist

3rd Spain knock0ut

Division 4a

1st Ukraine Team KORE

2nd Hungary Public Enemies

3rd Germany Team AWESOME

Division 4b

1st Germany

2nd European MTF.Gaming - Paroxysm II

3rd European Ecliptic Gaming

Division 4c

1st European I Don't Know?

2nd Germany ze Dummkopfs

3rd International Suitcase Nuke

Division 4d

1st Russia Aqeze

2nd European SMACK!

3rd Spain Los ornitorrincos robot

Division 4e

1st France iCon esport

2nd Netherlands FakkelBrigade Green

3rd International TwistedPlay

Division 4f

1st France XCalibur

2nd Germany WESTSTADT

3rd Switzerland Got Milk?

Division 5a

1st Russia Hussars

2nd European Coming this summer

3rd International Drone72

Division 5b

1st Hungary WiLD.MultiGaming

2nd Austria Robert Hartlauer Syndikat

3rd Estonia scenic

Division 5c

1st Russia Desperadoes

2nd Russia Constellation

3rd France orKs eSports

Division 5d

1st Russia Evil Empire Headquarters

2nd International Team epx^

3rd England 9 Men

Division 5e

1st Russia Old Quake School

2nd Hungary Redstars

3rd France TimeOut!

Division 5f

1st Netherlands Insane Dutch Killers

2nd Poland smurfs!

3rd Russia Anger Management

Division 5g

1st European CiC Core

2nd Germany

3rd International What's in the boX?

Division 5h

1st Germany Triple A

2nd Hungary üBearz

3rd European Click It Down

Division 5i

1st European TwistedPlay.

2nd Bulgaria The Bulgarists

3rd Russia Team Slayers

Division 5j

1st France Lapinou Team

2nd Croatia Guru Gaming

3rd France

Division 6a

1st European elemental violence

2nd Finland KWACKS

3rd Russia 5 meat's man and viletaushiy ueba ShaNo

Division 6b

1st Hungary Obscure-Gaming

2nd Spain Fuck Off Team

3rd Russia True Ninjas

Division 6c

1st Germany RageQuitters

2nd Portugal fm-eSports.tf2

3rd Hungary Dunapataj

Division 6d

1st Egypt Elite nile Gunners

2nd CzechRepublic FoWlded

3rd Finland Kokemus Tuo Varmuutta

Division 6e

1st Lithuania Shil's placeholder team

2nd Sweden Sextant

3rd France TouchMy

Division 6f

1st Iceland Bløød ïs Gøød - Retired Edition

2nd Italy Fragga`s fellas

3rd Poland OSG

Division 6g

1st CzechRepublic Cavaliers RED

2nd Italy nGage Team 2

3rd European Hyperbola

Division 6h

1st International Who Dares... Grins

2nd Poland Taktyczny Ruch Kolanem

3rd Luxembourg MTF.Gaming

Division 6i

1st European Team KillingJoke

2nd Russia Summer Mix

3rd Sweden Standarta

Division 6j

1st Bulgaria League of Angry Gentlemen

2nd Portugal StopNplay Multigaming Community

3rd Sweden Staggeringly Vast Gurka*

Division 6k

1st Russia Crazy Random

2nd CzechRepublic Risentalent

3rd European failtrain

Division 6l

1st European Lethal-Zone

2nd Finland R.I.P. RCTIC.TF2

3rd European Team Aces [R.I.P.]