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Season 25 Preseason Cup: Awards

High A

1st Germany Lemmings

High B

1st Russia Dayn Town

High C

1st European Planet Expresso

Mid A

1st Seychelles Midnight 6s

Mid B

1st Hungary stampede

Mid C

1st European Snakes

Mid D

1st Panama Playing With Matches

Mid E

1st UnitedKingdom TwisteD.tf2

Mid F

1st Netherlands Louis van Gaal's Army

Mid G

1st England go woke or go bloke ♿

Open A

1st Russia 6EJI0CHE)l(KA u n9ITb rHoMuKoB

Open B

1st France Floppy Baguette

1st Russia ucraine хуле

Open C

1st UnitedKingdom Digital Warfare

Open D

1st Switzerland Belastend

Open E

1st Russia Russian Brain Advantage

Open F

1st UnitedKingdom sport candies !!!!

Open G

1st Ireland Clinical autism

Open H

1st UnitedKingdom Can't toii with the boii

Open I

1st European geekRage

Open J

1st UnitedKingdom 5deadmen-zap

Open K

1st Germany Team 4 Friends

Open L

1st UnitedKingdom Dm Retards